Tiny Mauritius Prospers Through Tourism

IMPHAL, May 6: Truly a paradise for the tourists, the island Nation of Mauritius, which is located in the Indian Ocean and whose size is  far more smaller than that of Manipur, has been receiving 9,33,000 tourists in a year, which is more than half of its total population.

Boost with a 330 km long beach that expanse into the deep blue Indian Ocean and greenery over its 2040 sq km land around the year, the island Nation with its unique history of foreign occupation, first by the Portuguese and then the Dutch, the French and lastly the British just before its independence, is today one of the best known tourist spots in the world.

According to official record, the total population of Mauritius is 12,83,415 but it has been receiving more than 9,33,000 tourists on an average every year.

Of its total population, 68 percent are of Indian origin and remaining are Chinese, African and European.

Being of the most sought after tourist spots, everything looks neat and clean. There is no portion of the road which could be said to be ‘uncomfortable’.

Also considered to be a mini-India, on account the presence of a sizable population of Indian origin, most part of the island nation has well-maintained hotels, especially along the coastal area and near sea beach. Some of the hotels even have helipad for landing of helicopters.

Along with development in tourism sector, Mauritius is also becoming one of the economies which are advancing rapidly in the International market today.

According to a recent survey of the World Bank, Mauritius has been placed at 20th spot among the best place for doing business in the world.

In addition to strict maintenance of rule of law and prevalence of peace, the Government of the island nation has also been paying extra attention to the development of infrastructures so that Mauritius can rear head along the developed Nations of the International community.

English being the official language, the island nation has been trying to live up to its slogan of ‘One island, different people, one Mauritius’’.

Besides tourism, cultivation of sugarcane and textiles are two other sectors that have given major impetus on the economy of Mauritius. Sugarcane could be seen being grown in almost every part of the island nation and it has made it one of the major exporters of sugar.

During the course of an interaction, a Mauritian journalist colleague observed that the cost of living in Mauritius is so high that the society today comprises two extremes: the richest and the poorest people with no middle class.

Prevalence of peace and communal harmony in this picturesque island nation with breathtaking sea beaches and green sugarcane field is such that during the recent visit of India’s President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, unarmed motor riders escorted the carcade of the President. No armed police or any other security personnel were also seen being deployed on duty for the visiting Indian President.

Significantly, the office of the Prime Minister of the peaceful island nation is situated just next to the footpath of a road and the residential complex is surrounding with just simple barbwire fencing.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express/ Laishram Shamungou)

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