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Maram King: Much More Than Just A Coronation

K Namba, the newly crowned King of Maram in the royal attire with his wife and traditional arts being staged to mark the day. Image Credit: Sangai Photo IMPHAL, Apr 28: Keeping alive the age old tradition of the Maram tribe, K Namba has been crowned the 15th king of the Maram community today. Even though... 

The Old Languages ‘”A New Challenge For The State Government To Bringing A New Social Order In Manipur

Manipur is a beautiful multilingual plural society with a unity of 37 different ethno-cultural entities. And the people of the State speak 36 different languages spread over the hills and the valley of the State and Meitei and Meitei Pangal speak Meiteilon called Manipuri. Manipuri’”the Meiteilon...