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A Book Review ‘“ Pied Pipers In North-East India, Bamboo-Flowers, Rat-Famine And The Politics of Philanthropy

Pied Pipers in North-East India, Bamboo-Flowers, Rat-Famine and the Politics of Philanthropy (1881-2007) by Sajal Nag; Monohar, New Delhi, 2008. pp X 307, Rs.780. A strong connection between famine and ethnic politics has been brought out by a number of scholars in the context of North East India. The... 
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Jhum: Shifting Opinions

Over three decades ago, P.D. Stracey listed a number of problems caused by slash-and-burn shifting cultivation or jhum as commonly practised by indigenous tribes in North East India. This ‘˜primitive’ form of agriculture, according to him, resulted in serious environmental problems: loss...