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Press Release: Research Project Report Scheduled For Release On International Women’s Day

North East Support Centre & Helpline

(An Initiative of All India Christian Council and Operation Mercy India Foundation to End Racial, Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking)

RZ 61, 4th Floor, Palam Vihar, Dwarka, Sector 6, New Delhi 110075. Email nesupportcentre@gmail.com, www.nehelpline.net

New Delhi, March 4, 2011,


The Media Friends, Civil Societies and Academicians,

North East Support Centre & Helpline has completed a research project on North East Migration and challenges of Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination and Trend of Human Trafficking in Delhi and NCR. The report will be released on International Women’s Day from NE Helpline office on March 8, 2011 at 2 PM.

Study was conducted by NE Helpline team led by Madhu Chandra, Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline.

The exclusive finding on the trend of North East Migration and its push and pull factors. Lack of education infrastructure and employment opportunities are two major push factors, which are affected by socio-political crisis in the region. No adequate investment so far to develop education sector in the region. Union Government‘s 2011-12 announce by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee with Rs 8000 crores is too little compare to how much is spent by parents to support their children studying outside of Manipur.

Over 2.5 lakhs students from North East region have migrated to study in other cities of India and it cost annually one fifth of Union Government’s 2011-12 budget. Without specific investment.

The challenges faced by NE communities in Delhi have a paradigm shift from Racial discrimination to Sexual violence and from sexual violence to human trafficking. The last trend is more worrisome as done by organized criminals than earlier issues of racial attach and sexual violence.

Research report has series of recommendation for Union Government, Delhi Government, Delhi and NCR Police, North East India state Governments and civil societies to look at to develop relevance laws, policies, and plan of actions to deal with the trend of push factors to migration and challenges faced in Delhi and NCR.

The report will be in e-format in PDF file and made available upon request. An abstract report will be made available in both soft and hard copies.

Madhu Chandra

Spokesperson – NE Helpline Team



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