An Ode To Imashi Binodini

MK Binodini

Imashi Binodini is no more. It is hard to believe that Imashi is no more with us today. It is equally quite hard to swallow in that she will not be there anymore to receive us with a warm smile on the doorsteps of her house at Yaiskul, a place that hummed with different activities when she was up and active.

I knew Imashi from a close range in these past several years, from different perspectives. Imashi was such a person who could talk comfortably on any given subject, whether of social, cultural, political or economic, of course, from the perspective of a citizen who sees through everything. A half-hour’s conservation with her could spill all the beans in one’s pocket.

People may have opinions on her from their own individual perspective and experience, either differing or in agreement to the general sentiment of the lady, but, for me, she was a fairly versatile woman of different tastes. She could write stories with a flair that was typical of her own individual style, and at the same time she could make suggestions that could seem small talk but having the potential to shape the destiny of a politician or of a government. She was equally at ease with the constitutional head of the State as with the writer on the next block. Such was her personality. She had an enigmatic personality which drew people naturally to her side, with respect.

The days spent by the side of Imashi Binodini did not go in waste. There was always something or the other to learn from her. It could be a lesson in history, not which was written in books, or a tip on writing, or a tip which did had relevance to a person’s social life. The urge to listen to people talking to her, and to talk to people on various topics of the State was her cup of tea.

One thing which people who were close to her appreciated much, was her intervention on behalf of a person who needed her assistance for a purpose. For instance, when a person needed to approach the head of state for a purpose, but did not had the means to make that approach; Imashi was ever ready to talk to the head of state on the person’s behalf, for a good cause. She would not refuse to speak her mind, given that she favored the cause of that individual. And, as we knew, she was persuasive enough to get her word heard.

There is certainly going to be a void which will be hard to fill in. It may perhaps be a long time before we have another multi-faceted person like her. People from different walks of life – the films, literature, crafts, arts, social, political – all alike will miss her forever. Her presence and her words did make some difference. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

*The ode is written by Salam Rajesh

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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