Press Release: One More Attack on Two North East Boys in Murnika, South Delhi

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New Delhi, April 13, 2011 (3:15 PM)


One More Attack on Two North East Boys in Murnika, South Delhi

Brother and Sister Beaten By landlord and Neighbors Earlier still Critical at AIMS Trauma Centre

Two more boys from North East India were severely beaten yesterday in Munirka, South Delhi. A brother and sister who were attacked in a different incident last night are admitted at AIMS Trauma Centre.

In what could be another display of Delhi’s collective racism towards the Northeast people, a 21-year-old DU student, Thang and his friend, Mang, 24 years, were beaten last night by locals in Munirka, Delhi. Mang suffered a minor head injury, while Thang’s shirt was torn into pieces and he had scratch marks on his face and chest.

According to sources reaching to North East Support Centre says that Mang and Thang were buying groceries for dinner at a Northeast shop when they heard shouts and scuffling.

“Some people were gathering outside. We stepped out and watched for a while when one guy approached us and suddenly hit Thang,” said Mang. “Another person picked up a brick and threw it at us which I somehow managed to shield myself with my hands from its potential blow. I ran for cover, but the next thing I knew Thang got surrounded and attacked by a bunch of people. He managed to escape from their grasp after sometime.”

Both Mang and Thang are roommates. They are from Lamka, Manipur. Police have registered an FIR. The torn shirt is with the police.

In another attacked James (name changed) 30 years old brother and her sister Helen (name changed) 25 years old were beaten severely by group of people at Babulal Chowk, Murnika, South Delhi at around 11 PM last night. James suffered severe head injuries and Helen on face, mouth and they are admitted at AIMS Trauma Centre.

“Munirka is marked with countless numbers of racial attacks on North East people living in the rented homes. The local police have totally failed to stop the violence and crimes against people from North East India,” says Madhu Chandra – Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline.

North East Support Centre & Helpline ( is combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to women, North East People and tribal communities of different states.

Released by

Angam Haokip

Media In-charge

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