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Press Release: Flag Hoisting’“cum-Deliberations on Challenges & Opportunities of CDSU


on the occasion of

Flag Hoisting’“cum-Deliberations on Challenges & Opportunities of CDSU

Ccpur, the 21st January, 2011

Respected Chairman, ADC/Churachandpur Pu.V.Langkhanpau Guite, Head of the District Administration, Pi Jacintha Lazarus, IAS, Deputy Commissioner (Churachandpur), former leaders, well-wishers and my colleagues, I, on behalf of CDSU and on my own behalf, would like to extend my warm greetings to all of you on this auspicious occasion of Flag Hoisting’“cum-Deliberations on Challenges & Opportunities of CDSU. At the same time, I’m much indebted to all of you for sparing your invaluable time in gracing the programme.

Indeed, the main theme of today’s programme is not only that of hoisting of a flag, but also to negotiate and chalk out CDSU’s future courses of actions so as to revamp and rejuvenate the Union with the change of time and circumstances. I do have a firm faith that the invaluable, innovative and rational ideas which our former leaders, well-wishers and my dear colleagues would share in the second session of the programme, would be of immense help and a worthy treasure to ever illuminate the path of CDSU.

Churachandpur District Students’ Union (then South District Students’ Union) had been established in the year, 1980 by virtue of the momentous roles and painstaking efforts of our founding members, with a vision to serve the interests of the students in particular, and all the people of Churachandpur, in general. CDSU today, acknowledges and put on record, the selfless efforts of its former leaders and well-wishers, as a result of their pioneering roles, the Union could see the light of the day as we all could witness Flag Hoisting programme today.

One of the main cynosures of today’s programme lies in our hoisting of Flag. I am delighted to brief you on the descriptions of it. The Blue colour signifies ‘Peace & Unity’, the White strip in the middle symbolizes ‘Truth’, the Stars represent the nine (9) constituent bodies of CDSU and the colour of which, Red signifies Strength. Therefore, our flag encompasses the four (4) ideals or virtues of life, namely Unity, Strength, Truth and Peace. Ladies and gentlemen, in our march towards these ideals, I fervently appeals to all the gatherings and the people of Churachandpur, to work together in unison under the shade of CDSU’s flag. When we all unite in the true foundations, strength would be ours, which would ultimately lead us into the path of peace and development.

Looking back, there had been occasions where CDSU had been pushed into the wall of conflicting ideas and opinions and certain divisive elements tend to sway us off our destined goals and objectives. Notwithstanding such tendencies, the cherished principles of objectivity which the Union strictly adhered to, in letter and spirit, deterred certain elements and forces off the CDSU. In the midst of diverse views and opinions, the Union believes that dialogue and discussion could enlighten and show us light under the tunnel.

History is the self-evident truth of our ‘oneness’, unity and of the same family .Despite the fact that our shared cultures and way of life traced us to the same roots and origins; parochialism, chauvinism and above all, limited visions of some individuals or groups landed us into a state of chaos and confusion, albeit temporarily in the 90’s. During that critical moment, where the imaginary forces of us and them tended to wreck the bond of Unity and Love, CDSU had also joined with our frontal civil society groups in playing a mediatory and humanitarian role for the prevalence of peace and tranquillity in the then beleaguered Churachandpur.

As the apex body and the only common platform, in which diverse opinions and ideas are shared and discussed, CDSU have been tackling issue-based realities of life, concerning or threatening the interests or the very existence of the people of Churachandpur. Yet, it is unfortunate that  due to the unwarranted forces and elements of egoism and parochialism, our very own District, Churachandpur had, in some occasions, missed the bus in welcoming and reaping the fruits of development from India and abroad. Unless we all arise from our deep slumber-of degenerative, egoistic and divisive mind-set and tendencies, we will ever remain far behind off the path of progress and development in all spheres of life. Hence it’s high time we all re-evaluated ourselves and imbibed the spirit of co-operation, unity and love for the common good and general welfare of all the people living in Churachandpur district. For that reason, my humble appeal to all my brothers and sisters is; ” Let us not enmesh ourselves anymore with the issue of nomenclature and trivial issues, rather choose the path of unity and love, by discarding the erroneous notion of us and them, so that we all could be the people and the nation to be reckoned with, in the comity of nations.

As such, the students’ apex body shall continue to uphold its cherished ideals and principles for the prevalence of peace and tranquillity, mutual understandings and mutual co-existence of all the people of Churachandpur. Towards these ends, I appeals to one and all to continue to join hands together and strive together for the overall progress and development. For, in togetherness, can only we accomplish our common goals and objectives.

Moreover, in the face of fast ever changing world, in which we all are living in a global village, where information and knowledge remain the by-words and much sought after, distorted information, concocted ideas, prejudices and shattered ideologies tend to hinder the prevalence of truth and justice, thereby retarding the pace of growth and development in our society. However, the CDSU shall ever remain avant garde by strictly adhering to, in letter and spirit, the principles of objectivity so as to ensure the prevalence of ‘Truth and Justice’ in Churachandpur. On these critical challenges, I call upon all my colleagues in particular, and the public in general, to shoulder together the collective burdens which befall us.

In a nutshell, I would like to proudly declare that by virtue of the sheer mercy and blessings of the Almighty God, coupled with the unflinching support and cooperation rendered by the people from different walks of life; CDSU have so far, achieved a considerable number of goals and objectives. Yet, there remain a lot more unfinished tasks and challenges, for which I urge all of you to ever stand behind the CDSU in its journey towards peace and development in Churachandpur. With a Bible verse from Psalms 133:1, let me conclude my speech:-

‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

for brethren to dwell together in unity!’

Thank you,

Thank you all!

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