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International Year Of Biodiversity ‘”State Level Seminar on ‘˜Tourism and Biodiversity’

World Tourism Day is September 27
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As the world comes together to celebrate 2010 as ‘International Year of Biodiversity‘ the United Nation World Tourism Organization is happy to announce that 31st World Tourism Day (WTD) celebration is hosted officially this year at Guangdong province in China, under the theme, ‘˜Tourism and Biodiversity’ on 27th September 2010.

The theme provides a unique opportunity to raise public awareness on the importance of biodiversity and tourism and role of sustainable tourism in the conservation of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a key tourism asset and fundamental to its sustainable growth. Intake and healthy ecosystem form the cornerstone of thousands of tourist enterprises and products worldwide, attracting hundreds of millions of tourists each year, as a leading economic activity, sustainable tourism has an important role and responsibility in managing and conserving biological natural resources. As a key source of income and employment, tourism often provides strong incentive to protect biodiversity. Sustainable tourism can further generate significant revenues for conservation and community development and help to raise awareness about biodiversity issues.

The theme of tourism and biodiversity is particularly pertinent in 2010. Concerned by the continued loss of biological diversity, the United Nations Assembly declared 2010 the International year of Biodiversity. The year coincides with the target adopted by the Government in 2002, to achieve, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss.

‘Tourism and biodiversity’ are mutually dependent. UNWTO wishes to raise awareness and calls upon the tourism stakeholders and travelers themselves to contribute their part of the global responsibility to safeguard the intricate web of unique species and ecosystems that make up our planet’ said UNWTO, Secretary General, Taleb Rafai.

Central WTD celebrations will take place in Guandong province, China. Alongside a series of cultural events organized by the Chinese Government; China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) will host the 2010 World Tourism Day Think Tank around this year’s theme.

The Think Tank will bring together leading public and private tourism stakeholders as well as biodiversity experts and members of the media, to highlight the close relationship between tourism and biodiversity, and identify how tourism can contribute to preserving life on Earth and its unique biodiversity.

This year’s WTD wants to highlight how sustainable tourism initiatives can directly contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. With this purpose, UNWTO is inviting all stakeholders to share their inspiring stories. Longsighted examples from WN also contribute to raising awareness about the importance of this year.

As in previous years, the 30th World tourism day was celebrated whole over the planet earth on the theme ‘Tourism Celebrating Diversity’ hosted in Ghana in collaboration with UNWTO as a campaign to highlight the importance of diversity and globalization.

The 29th WTD theme was ‘Tourism responding to the challenge of climate changes and global warming’ hosted by India and Peru simultaneously in carrying the theme all around the tourism sectors responding to the challenges of climate changes.

The focus on climate change and boarder development agenda with UNWTO’s active supports were the UN millennium development goals. The African country has already started since long back.

Last year many important projects on tourism promotion were flashed from Blackstone valley of Rhode Island with colorful festivals, adventure sports, cultural evenings, games and sports and also permanent features with different projects on academic research and tourism.

Manipur Chapter:

World Tourism day has been organized for the last 21 years in Manipur with lectures, adventure sports, cycle safari, cultural evenings etc. United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2010 as International Year of Biodiversity.

The DMC Science has been taking active role in the celebrations with Adventure tourism; Adventure sports, Environment protection, Rescue operation etc for the last many years as academic program and NSS routine camps.

The college authority, therefore decides to organize a State level Seminar on the theme ‘Tourism and Biodiversity’ on 26th and 27th September 2010 as part of International Year of Biodiversity so as to contribute for promotion of tourism with special stress on Biodiversity, environment study and conservation for the future of the planet earth.

*This article is written by NJK Singh

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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