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India’s God Krishna Was The King Of Jerusalem!

The above heading is quoted from an article by Gene D. Matlock in the magazine ISRAEL ( In my continuing effort as a secular humanist to explain that there is not much difference between Hinduism and Christianity in their origins and philosophical contexts, I will write a resume of the article in a nutshell.

I acknowledge and allow religious diversity to be a necessary component of religious freedom and religious tolerance. I am not a believer in God but a believer in religion without a God. I accept the new theory ‘“ Religious pluralism. This is a theory that there are more than one or more than two kinds of ultimate reality and/or truth, and that therefore, more than one religion can be said to have the truth (i.e. the way to God, salvation, emancipation et cetera). Not just Christianity or Hinduism or Islam, and for that matter, Sanamahism.

This article should not be taken too seriously. It is allegorical. ‘The Christians accuse the Hindus of blurring their identities on purpose. Some even claim that the Devil himself is the culprit. The Hindus reciprocate accordingly. Unfortunately neither side can prove or disprove anything.’ Fanatically sectarian Christians and Hindus alike militantly reject the idea that the stories of these two deities (Jesus and Krishna) are related. Religious historians have for hundreds of years struggled to find out how and why the stories about Jesus and Krishna, who were born 2,000 years apart, are so nearly identical. In this article Matlock is trying to attempt to clear up this mystery.

The Catholic Church has always known that Christianity did not begin with Jesus Christ, but yet it tries to make us think it did. St Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) wrote: ‘This, in our day, is the Christian religion, not as having been unknown in former times, but as having recently received that name.’ Euseblus of Caesarea (circa 283-371 AD) said: ‘The religion of Jesus Christ is neither new nor strange.’ In Anacalypsis, the 17th century British orientalist and iconoclast, Godfrey Higgins, insisted that Christianity was already firmly in place in both the West and the East, many centuries before Jesus Christ was born.

He said: The Crestians or Christians of the West probably descended directly from the Buddhists, rather than from the Brahmins. (Vol. 2, pp 438, 439). The existence of Christians both in Europe and India long anterior to the Christian era’¦ (Vol 2, p. 2002) is undeniable. He thinks the most blind and credulous of devotees must allow that we have the existence of Cristna of the Brahmins in Thrace, many hundred years before the Christian era ‘“ the birth of Jesus Christ. (Book X, p. 593).

‘Melito (a Christian Bishop of Sardis) in the year 170, claims the patronage of the emperor, for the now so-called Christian religion, which he calls ‘our philosophy,’ on account of its high antiquity, having been imported from countries lying beyond the limits of the Roman empire, in the region of his ancestor Augustus, who found the importation ominous of good fortune to the government.’ This is an absolute demonstration that Christianity did not originate in Judea, which was a Roman province, but really was an exotic oriental fable, imported from India, and that Paul was doing as he claimed, viz, a God manifest in the flesh who had been ‘believed in the world’ centuries before his time, and a doctrine which had already been preached ‘unto every creature under heaven.’ (Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions; T .W. Doane, p.409).

‘The story begins with our Abraham or Brahma as the Hindus called him. His father was Lord Krishna; his brother was Mahesh a.k.a Maheshvara who would be our Moses (Heb: Moshe). The Hindu triad consists of the Gods Brahma, the equivalent of our God, and God Shiva and Vishnu, Actually Shiva and Vishnu are one and the same deities. Together they are Brahma (God). The Bible tells us that Jesus was both Shiva and Vishnu, for Jesus’ biblical names are Isa/Isha (Shiva), Yeshua (Yishvara, pronounced in Sanskrit as Yeshwara), Kristos, and Yesu, another name of Krishna. Even in India, Lord Krishna was and still is called Yesu Krishna and Kristna. This makes Jesus the begotten son of the Unbegotten ‘“Brahma. In Sanskrit, Tara means savior or protector. It is the term generally used with the gods Rudra, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Krishna was thus a Savior.

Even the Old Testament says that father (protector) of Abraham was Terah (Genesis 12: 19-20). Abraham or Brahma’s home was the land of Haran (Genesis 1:4). Hara was the coastal principality governed by Krishna. Brahma/Abraham was 75 years old when he left Haran. There is also another ‘Haran’ in India, in the Indian state of Haryana. It is the region where Abraham decided to stop making idols and worship only one God. Brahma varta, a region in Northeastern Haryana, is said to be the place where mankind was first created, (Varta=Dwelling). Brahmavarta was the site of the Kurukshetra War between the Kurus and the Pandavas, in which Lord Krishna distinguished himself. An ancient and holy river, now dried up, the Saraswati, once flowed through Brahmavarta. The Hakra (the biblical Haggar) was once a tributary of Saraswati.

Both Christ and Krishna descended from Noah. The future births of both messiahs were predicted ahead of time. Both men were born of virgins in a stable. Krishna did not have an earthly father as such, but a protector, named Vasudeva. Jesus did not have an earthly father as such, but a mortal protector, named Joseph. Christ’s first name Jesus was Yeshua ‘“ another name of Krishna. An evil king tried to kill Christ and Krishna when they were both infants. To protect the infant Jesus, Joseph and Mary took him to Maturai in Egypt. To protect the infant Krishna, his parents, Vasudeva and Devaki took him to Mathura in India. Both men preached to their people. Both of them have a major holiday dedicated to them on December 25th. Christ was at once a Koresh, a Hebrew, and a Yehudi. Krishna was at once a Kurus, an abhira, and a Yadava. Christ was an incarnation of Yahweh. Krishna was at once an incarnation of Vishnu. Christ had a female admirer named Mary Magdalene.

Krishna had a female admirer named Marya Maghadalena. Christ was crucified in Jerusalem. Krishna was killed by a hunter’s arrow and impaled on a tree. Christ appeared after his ‘death.’ Krishna appeared after his ‘death.’ Some scholars think that Krishna died in Jerusalem, having gone there when his coastal city of Dwarka sank under sea. Others say he went to Iraq.

Matlock writes: ‘The preceding information shows us that Hindus are as Christians as the Christians are. Moreover, Hindus can prove that Jesus was the Son of God, but we have to accept this as a matter faith only. Even so, there is no lack of Christian sects wanting the Hindus to ‘convert’ to their way of thinking. But the Hindus don’t need to convert to the same spiritual knowledge they bequeathed to us. They were ‘converted’ thousands of years before our Jesus was born. I say, leave them be.

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