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Hum Ethou Ekan Sidaba —Cosmogony-Creation of Mother Earth—

At the very beginning before the creation of the Universe there was no water, ‘no wind, no fire, no land and no blue sky. Light was not known rather dark was also not known. There was no light, there was no dark i.e. it was not known whether there was light or not. There was only one Supreme Almighty God called Epuroi. He was alone. Nobody was there. Nothing was there. There was no sun, no stars, no planets, no galaxy and no solar system. Universe was totally empty and hollow.

Everything had been created out of thought of Epuroi alone. With peace of “mind and without any disturbance all had, been created with the knowledge and wisdom of His thought.

From His different thoughts He had created Solar system with all the planets, stars, galaxy and so many other things, living, non-living, moving, non-moving etc. His main aim and principle desire was to create human being with other beings and materials necessary for the living beings and play the world of life and death with light and dark.

Whatever He wished happened definitely and whatever He wanted/liked or desired appeared/produced immediately within moments at any place at any time. As per His desire, first He had created Five elements and out of five, four had been perfectly completed by giving different colors. But one was left out for which there was no color. These Five elements are fire, water, land, sky with the last left out wind. If there is the Five there will be the Creator One. If there is the Creator one, there will be the Five. The place where the Five exists, it is certain that the Creator one will also exist. In spiritual words Five is the One and the One is the Five. Is there any place where He is not present?

As the Five had been created as per His wish there was movement of water, wind was blowing, blue sky had spread with thunder storms and lightening (Fire). But land i.e. earth (Mother Earth-MALEM LEIMA) could not be seen. Through His Almighty power i.e. omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, earth was seen inside the water. He had decided to lift the earth out of water.

At any moment He can manifest to any form and shape. He can convert Himself simultaneously to any other different forms without changing His original form. He can be in every form. He will never float in all course of time.

He has taken the shape of fish and went down inside the water. He found the presence of earth inside the water and decided to lift upwards. This manifestation was known as ENGAREN SIDABA (MATSHA AVTAR). Next He has taken the shape of tortoise and lifted the earth slowly upwards by keeping the earth on its back. This manifestation was known as THENGUREN SIDABA (KURMA AVTAR). Again He has taken the shape of pig and very slowly lifted the earth towards the water surface by its stout neck. This manifestation was known as OKSAREN SIDABA (BARAHA AVTAR).

Now very little portion of the earth was coming out of the water surface just like a tip of the iceberg. The first and foremost very little portion of the earth which was lifted first out of water was KOUBRU HILL along with its range. Koubru Hill is situated about thirteen- kilometers North from Imphal (Capital of Manipur) by the Western side of NH- 39. The Supreme One, the Master of the universe and also the Creator of the universe was somewhat satisfied with His right way of thinking i.e. His thinking was coming along the actual track. By closing His left way the right way was opened and from the sudden gust of air, one form having shape was produced along with other Gods, celestial etc. This form was called SORAREN (SALAILEN)-EPA Soraren Sidaba. Again by closing His right way the left way was opened and from the sudden gust of air, many Goddesses were produced. Further while He was smiling with pleasure Goddess Earth (PRITHI MATA) was produced. She was called LEIMAREN LEISA SAFABI also known as EMA LEIMAREN SIDABI. All the Gods and Goddesses had been requested to help Him while creating the universe. Epuroi had given duties to all of them. They had climbed up the hill and they lived on the top of the hill with pleasure and happy mood. The name of the hill where all the Gods and Goddesses were settled was called KOUBRU ASUPPA LEIMALAI KHUNDA AHANBA.

Epuroi started thinking for creating light and dark. So from the mixture of hot and cold air that were gust out from Him, cold became the moon, hot became the sun and others became stars, planets, galaxy, cosmic materials, glitterings etc. And with the order of Epuroi all had been kept in place and position around the sun as it is now and became the solar system.

Epuroi was now happy to look at the Universe : Here it is worth to mention from the spiritual point of view that BIG BANG THEORY was the thinking and Idea of some human beings as nothing will move in this Universe without First Mover i.e. the Creator one. It can also be easily proved by the following fact—the wind is blowing and living beings are breathing. Because of someone that exists inside the body, people are breathing and also because of some one that exists outside the body the wind is blowing outside. The Two ‘some ones’ are same and equal in all respects. The Supreme God, the Creator is only one in this Universe. Nothing will act in this Universe without Prime Mover i.e. the Creator. All the celestials were walking on the hill. They found one tree and the tree was called Uningthou. By felling the tree they have made it a boat and it was pulled down near the water. The boat was called Hiyang Hiren. They were riding on the boat and started rowing. There was water all around in all directions surrounded by hills. After sometime they stopped rowing and took rest on the boat.

The particular place below the water where they stopped rowing was the Divine place of Goddess Ereima. Soraren asked Ereima to stay here and called Her Erei Leima. The Divine place was known as Hiyangthang Lairembi (LAIY AM EIKHOINA HIY ANG HIREN THANGAMMI HAIDUNA HIY ANGTHANG LAIREMBI HAIDUNA KOLOI MINGTHONGKHI). It is situated about eight kilometers south from Imphal near the western side of Nambul River on Imphal. Mayai Imphal road (Mayai Lambi). After rowing around they again came back at the foot hill. They climbed the hill up to the top and they started removing the earth by breaking and cutting the hills for earth filling of the water below. But they could no longer proceed with the earth filling work as they were getting tired and exhausted. At last they had requested the Supreme One, the Creator for His grace.

The Creator had bored one tunnel with stick called LEISEM CHEIBI CHEI and while boring the tunnel the hills were trembling vigorously. The name of the Creator was called NGOUREN NGOUBA NGOUBAREN NGOU-REN PANTHOI SIDMA, also known as CHINGULAI PANTHOIBA. The water had started passing through the tunnel with enormous roaring sound. This tunnel was called “CHINGNUNGHUT” and it is situated on the Imphal River at the southern part of Manipur about fourteen kilometers from Serou near Sugnu which is about sixty five kilometers south from Imphal on Imphal-Chakpikarong State Highway. As the water was running fast there was no water in the area surrounded by nine layers of Hills except in some low lying areas.

The celestials had broken the hills and dropped the earth as the land was full of mud with water logging and swamp. They had leveled the surface of the earth for making it a plain valley. Now the Soraren said with a very sweet voice, ‘The first place on the plain area which had been dried first is the Navel of Mother Earth and palace must be constructed’. As per the order of the Soraren the celestials started searching the dry place all around the plain area. They could not find the dry place as almost all the places were found wet and marshy. However after a long searching at last they found the beautiful dry place. The place was so fine, very nice, neat and clean and also it is just like the curved surface of lotus fruit (KANGLA THAMCHET MAMAI CHONBAGUM CHONBA). As it has been dried first the place was called ‘KANGLA’ (YAMNA MAYEK LANA EHAN HANNA KANGKHIBA MAF-AM). It is the spiritual epicenter of the earth. The palace had been constructed with the knowledge of Soraren and He ruled it for many years. KANGLA is situated in the heart of YUMPHAN (Imphal) capital of Manipur, India.

The first place on the plain area where the celestials had settled was called KHUNLAI KHUNFAMLEN (KHURAI-LAIYAMSINGNA EHAN HANNA TAM-PAKTA KHUNTAKHIBA MAFAM). The land on the plain area where the celestials had leveled the surface for construction of houses was called YUMPHAN (LAIYAM SINGNA EHAN HANNA YUM-KEI SANABA FANDOKHIBA NAFAM). The word Yumphal had been fabricated to Imphal.

The whole portion of the earth had been lifted slowly out of water and because of the attracting power (Gravity) of the earth all the water had been attached at different lower deep and very deep portions of the earth and all became the seas and oceans. The first portion of the land of the earth that was coming out first out of water and also surrounded by nine different layers of hills in all directions just like the budding fruit of lotus surrounded by its petals is the land of LAININGTHOU SANAMAHI. As the land had been ruled by God and Goddesses it was known as LAI LEIPAK or SANA LEIPAK (Land of Sanamahi). But at a later stage the name had been fabricated to Manipur (Mani-Sana/Jewel and Pur-Lam).

POIREITON PAKHANGBA, son of Virgin Divine Mother with LEIMA LEINAOTABI incarnation of Ema Leimaren both appeared first at the Divine sacred place called NUNGTHONG at Serou situated about ten kilometers from Sugnu. We all the people of the world are all from the same Seed and Root of Divine Tree (Creator) having different branches etc different Faiths and religions but to Him there is no religion. Serving the Supreme Being with selfless service to the living beings will purify the body & mind and ultimately lead to self enlightenment.

*The article is written by Longjam Devadutta

*The writer is Retd. Superintending Engineer Electricity.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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