Book Extract: Manipur: Treaties And Documents (1110- 1971)

Manipur, known as ‘Meitei Leipak’ or ‘Kangleipak‘ in the two millennia old Meitei manuscripts had experienced some form of constitutional government under a proto-Constitution in 429 A.D. which was reduced to a final format in 1110 A.D. Constitution entitled ‘Loiyamba Shinyeri’ during the regime of King Loyumba. Manipur’s State Constitution Act, 1947 was the final document embodying the genius of the people of Manipur, which preceded other constitutions adopted in many of the South and South East Asian countries.

Manipur’s love hate and war relationship with Britain commenced with a treaty in 1762 and was put to test in two successive Anglo-Manipur wars in 1891, which created storm in British Public opinion in Britain. The Times and The Daily News of London poured in the events continuously to the British public. The debate in British Parliament covered more than 200 pages on Manipur. The native rule under the limited protection of the crown was continued. Manipur merged with newly born Indian Union in 1949. The selected treaties and historical documents will enlighten some of the obscure events in the history of Manipur.

About the Author: A graduate in science and law, Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba (b. 1945) had post-graduated in law from Poona University and earned the Doctor of Philosophy (Law) from Gauhati University. A member of nearly a dozen international and national legal forums of repute, he had contributed more than a hundred research and socio-legal papers and articles in a number of national, regional and international conferences or forums. His published works are: ‘Industrial Tribunal Working, Producer, Judicial Trends’, ‘Socio-legal Problems and Developing Society’, ‘Law and Society: Strategy for Policy Choice 2001.’ He has edited with an introduction and article of his own, ‘Basic issues on Centre-State Relation’. He has edited three volumes of Inter-disciplinary and Total History and a book of Treaties. Volume I of Manipur Past and Present was published in January 1988 and Vol. II in 1991. Currently, he is Head and founder teacher of the Post-Graduate Department of Law of the University of Gauhati. Dr. Naorem Sanajaoba who is currently working on Legal Philosophy and interdisciplinary Researches taken keen interest in creative studies and writings. He was Editor of “Gauhati University Journal of Law”.

Title: Manipur: Treaties And Documents (1110- 1971)

Author: Naorem Sanajaoba

Publisher: Mittal Publications.

Publication Date: January 1993, 1st Edition.

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