RPF Lashes India With Human Rights Violation Whip

IMPHAL, Dec 8: Though the comity of Nations and the free world have been observing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on December 10 every year since 1948, to the people of Manipur the significance of this day has no meaning as the rights of the people have been systematically violated by India, said the banned RPF in a statement issued ahead of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights today.

In a statement issued to the press, the Publicity Secretary of the outfit, T Leishemba said that ever since India annexed Manipur, the rights of the people have been violated and today the name of Manipur has registered in the minds of the international community in direct proportion to the gross inhuman treatments meted out to the natives of Manipur.

Such a situation has come to pass due to the Indo-Manipur political conflict, observed RPF and added that the Delhi regime has let loose its soldiers amongst the civil population of Manipur, which has led to the increase of human rights violations, ranging from eliminating innocent persons, to outraging the modesty of women.

Making it clear that the Manipuris cannot and will not live under the rule of Delhi, the outfit said that there is nothing common to link Manipur with Delhi ranging from physical features, culture and traditions.

All these years Delhi has done nothing for Manipur and her people and as such can we ever entertain the idea that things will improve under Delhi, questioned the outfit.

Citing examples, RPF asserted that after Manipur was ‘annexed’ on October 15, 1949, its geographical area has been shrinking with each passing year. The divide and rule policy of Delhi is palpably felt in the manner in which they have pitted one community against the other and today communities and different ethnic groups, which have been co-existing peacefully for centuries no longer trust each other. This is due to the machinations of the Indian politicians, alleged RPF.

To regain our rights as human beings, it is imperative to raise the war cry against Delhi, said RPF and added that once this is achieved then it will be left to the natives of the land to work out a system, where equality is the norm and where the question of one group of people dominating the others does not arise and the rights of all are equally respected.

Issuing a clarion call that this is not the time to day dream or overlook the reality, RPF said that in its efforts to subjugate the people of Manipur, Delhi has been playing the communal card on the National Highways, sowing the seeds of distrust. All are trapped in this game laid down by Delhi.

The need of the hour is therefore to break free from this trap, said RPF and added that the agenda of Delhi is to dilute the revolutionary movement by pitching one civil society organization against the other which will ultimately lead to the confrontation of different communities.

The policy of the Government of India is to keep the people engrossed in vote politics, elections to the Parliament and Assembly, staging rallies, submitting memorandum, and backing the call of any bandh or blockade which have further driven the nail of division.

Delhi only wakes up when their soldiers start suffering heavy casualties at the hands of the revolutionary groups, said RPF and added that this is a fact that should register in the mind of everyone.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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