ZUF Cautions Against Petty Politics

IMPHAL, Mar 11: The newly floated Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has continued to fire a salvo of its aspiration and objectives with a rejoinder that the outfit stands to protect and preserve the unity and integrity of the fraternal Zeliangrong community, Inpui, Chiru and ‘other minority groups’ and has warned against disturbing the status quo of that unity.

“ZUF stands to protect the natural resources, land and people, and to promote fraternity and assure individual dignity, as also to preserve the unity and integrity of Zeliangrong Inpui, Chiru and other minority groups bound by territorial jurisdiction,” said a statement issued by Nixon Thoitak Chiru, deputy chief and Aihong Remroi Inpui, joint secretary (secretary in-charge) of ZUF today.

The two leaders have appealed to the general public to be aware of misinterpretation of the aspiration and objective of the outfit by some self-centered leaders and cautioned against such individuals.

“ZUF is not an organization looking for selfish ends but we are a revolutionary outfit coming together of selfless and privileged individuals who are not infected with political virus. Our intention is not against any other revolutionaries, we are sacrificing our life in an attempt to safeguard and uplift our community,” the two leaders added.

The statement of the ZUF leaders strike down strongly against “unfair local politicians” who have ‘blindfolded’ the general public by indulging in narrow and selfish propaganda and attempting to tarnish the “good image” or principle of ZUF.

“ZUF is strictly monitoring individual actors who are tirelessly pursuing the divide and rule policy only for a piece of the pie in the local politics of the Zeliangrong areas,” they said, adding that “such despicable and self serving politics will not succeed in misguiding ZUF and Zeliangrong people.”

The twelve thousand sq km of Zeliangrong inhabited areas of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, and the four lakh fifty thousand Zeliangrong population cannot be simply done apart by such petty politics, they iterated, further appealing to the general public and to Zeliangrong people not to play with the future of the community by way of dirty local politics.

This is a crucial juncture and all quarters are advised to separate the right from the wrong and people who haggle for justice must cultivate a profound thinking anchored in sound and better tomorrow, they said.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network)

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