Zeliangrong Bodies Cry Foul Against NSCN (IM)

IMPHAL, Mar 7: Several Zeliangrong bodies have strongly condemned the gun battle that broke out at Khoupum between ZUF and NCSN-IM on March 5 resulting in the death of one Poule and casualties to many.

According to a joint press release issued by Zeliangrong Baudi, AZSU, ZSUM, Zeliangrong Women Society Manipur Valley, Rongmeilu Phuam, Zeliangrong Research Forum Manipur and Zeliangrong Welfare Committee Manipur University, and another one issued by the Zeliangrong Students Union Delhi, the NSCN-IM had set a deadline of March 10 for the ZUF cadres to surrender to them.

However, regardless of the deadline, NSCN (IM) cadres attacked ZUF cadres. Such arbitrary action ruled out any opportunity for the Zeliangrong civil organizations to intervene, mediate and bring about a peaceful resolution to the standoff.

Zeliangrong civil societies should be given sufficient time and space to bring about understanding, negotiation and reconciliation among the conflicting parties.

It was also very unfortunate that some Naga armed cadres prevented the Zeliangrong people from taking out a peace rally in Tamenglong.

If any organization is trying to impose martial law in Zeliangrong areas, people would not remain as mute spectators, they warned.

While appealing for peace and non-violence, the Zeliangrong civil organizations said that Zeliangrong people are not against or in favor of any particular outfit but any form of violence initiated from any quarter would not be tolerated in Zeliangrong areas.

The three warring factions of NSCN-IM, NSCN- K and NNC had a meeting to conduct a joint offensive against the newly floated group of the Zeliangrong people.

However, all the three outfits chose to ignore other Naga militant groups which had sprung up earlier in other Naga areas such as MNRF in Ukhrul, Pakan Army in Chandel and People’s Support Group in Senapati and no such kind of action has been taken up against them so far.

They asked as to why the Zeliangrong people should be singled out and punitive actions initiated against the Zeliangrongs alone.  Recalling that the ZUF had clearly stated that its main agenda is work for Zeliangrong unity and to protect the land and resources of the Zeliangrong people, the Zeliangrong civil organizations asked if it is a crime to work for the interest of one’s community.

They demanded that NSCN-IM should come out with detail report about the shooting incident and strong disciplinary action should be taken up against the perpetrators.

If NSCN-IM fails to provide justice acceptable to the Zeliangrong people within the stipulated time, the Zeliangrong people would be compelled to conclude that their quest for peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and justice will not be delivered. Moreover, the Zeliangrong people would be forced to reconsider their    support and commitment to this/these organization(s).  The civil organizations further appealed to all concerned for immediate cessation of firing in Zeliangrong areas.  There should not be any more bloodshed and loss of precious lives in Zeliangrong inhabited areas, they added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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