Zeliangrong Baudi Takes Tamenglong Case To PM

IMPHAL, Feb 24: Submitting a memorandum to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has highlighted various hardships and problems being faced by the people of Tamenglong district.

The memorandum pointed out that 133/33 KV sub- station at Rengpang on NH-53 in Tamenglong district was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Manipur on January 8, 2011 without completing the phases of power supply there. As a resultant effect, there has been erratic power supply in the district. The district is black out even for months together and the people have been hanging electric bulbs and tubes as decoration pieces in their respective houses. However, taxes are realized without regular power supply by the Electricity Department.

With regard to road connectivity, the memorandum pointed out that Tamenglong district has the poorest connectivity and the only connectivity that the district has from NH-53 to Tamenglong Hqs with a length of 39.5 km becomes a fair weather road and it is also a single-lane road so far. Most of the roads in the blocks and sub-divisional hqs are not motorable during rainy season. There is no proper quarters and accommodation for the staff posted there too. This is also responsible for enmasse absent of staff and officers in the district. The State PWD maintaining the roads have made Tamenglong district a den of corruption only.

On the existing health care scenario, the memorandum pointed out that there is a district hospital without adequate staff, specialists and equipments. Most of the CHCs, PHC and PHSC are poorly equipped in the district. Most of time when serious cases come, they are referred to hospital at Imphal and many poor people who could not afford the medical expenses succumbed to their sickness or injuries. In this manner many poor families and patients have been fleeced by the sharks like private hospitals with exorbitant cost of treatment.

The memorandum further pointed out that PDS items like BPL and APL rice, sugar, dal and other cereals, etc are not reaching the poor public at the grassroots levels. The poor farmers and public have been buying all those items from open markets at triple times the actual price or rate. As a result, many poor villagers and farmers are living at the mercy of the businessmen and the FCS, PDS items are enjoyed by those who are closed to the Ministers, MLAs, etc.

It is pathetic to see that most of the departments and offices in Tamenglong district remained under locks and keys. Villagers/farmers coming from remote villages have to go back without meeting or fulfilling their works after waiting for days and weeks and spending thousands of rupees. It has become a district without governance and administration, the memorandum lamented.

The memorandum has been signed jointly by chairman of Zeliangrong Baudi Manipur Thomas Kamei, president of Zeliangrongpui Baudi Tamenglong Guiliangliu Panmei, convener of Zeliangrong Baudi Tamenglong Zone Shonghuwang Gonmei, convener of Zeliangrong Baudi Tami Zone Keirithuan, convener of Zeliangrong Baudi Nungba Zone Gaiphun Kamei, convener of Zeliangrong Baudi Imphal Zone Poupoklung Kamei, co-convenor of Jiri Zone Tahemang Panmei and convener of Tousem Zone Hemasong.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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