Yidah Yearns For A Govt School

An under-construction school building at Yidah village. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, May 9: Contrary to the general scenario visible in the valley area, particularly Imphal area where many Government schools are dying due to absence or dwindling number of students, Yidah village located in Kamjong sub-division of Ukhrul has been yearning for a Government school for the last many years.

While schools are running on vacant class rooms in Imphal, students of Yidah village have been studying in different schools far away from their home, staying at the places of relatives or rented rooms.

Located about 97 kms away from Imphal along Kamjong road, Yidah has 32 households for a total population of around 200.

In the absence of any education related infrastructure, some two/three who got education elsewhere have been teaching children of the village in a shed built by the villagers.

These children after learning the basic foundation of education would move to different places for further study.

For all the reasons, it is a long standing wish of the villagers to establish a Government school there.

The village headman and the village authority have been urging the authority concerned for setting up a school in Yidah village. However, there has been no positive response till date.

Speaking to a visiting media team, village headman Rueben P Kasar said that the village has not been getting any State sponsored benefit though it is located under Kamjong sub-division.  Even though there is a PHC at Kamjong which is around 34 Kms away from Yidah, the villagers faced great difficulties at times of illness due to the pathetic transport infrastructure, Rueben P Kasar said. As such, opening a PHSC at Yidah is another wish of the villagers.  Talking about transport infrastructure, the village headman said that the 1.5 Kms long running to the East of Imphal-Kamjong road was expanded a little under NREGS last year. However, it remains a road only for namesake and the villagers faced great difficulties during rainy season.  The headman appealed to the relevant authority to black top the said road stretch.

To a query raised by the media team, Rueben P Kasar said that ration cards have not been distributed to the villagers since 2007.  Whereas PDS items are not received regularly, former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing and the local MLA never bothered to visit the village, he decried.

Yidah village authority secretary Ramthing KA, Ramkahao KA and Pastor Ningshang Kh were also present during the interaction program.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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