Women Vendors Digest Zero Garbage Message

IMPHAL, Sep 26: With women vendors selling vegetables and other eatable items along Nagamapal road stretch starting to dispose off garbage generated from their respective plots at proper places, the filth and grime that used to be the ubiquitous character of Nagamapal Road is steadily becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the ongoing Zero Garbage Campaign. Prior to the campaign, the garbage generated by these women vendors from their respective plots, extending right from the foot of Maharani bridge to Kangjabi Leirak crossing, used to be piled up  along the road side reducing the eastern side of road almost to a never ending garbage pit.

However, after some people came to launch the campaign about 13 days back and sensitize the women vendors on proper disposal of garbage, throwing of waste materials along the road side has gone down. Today, the eastern side of the road has regained its look of a road and the stench emanated while passing through is no more. Interacting with The Sangai Express, 65-year old P Memtombi, who has been selling Soibum (fermented Bamboo shoots) along Nagamapal Road for a long time, said, ‘˜We have started collecting the garbage generated from our own plots either in a basket or sack and have stopped throwing them on the road. We have also agreed to impose fine on anyone who dumps garbage on the road.

The agreement has been made binding for all women vendors selling goods along Nagamapal Road stretch and the same has also brought to the knowledge of other newcomers. Memtombi informed that IMC vehicles come for remove the garbage collected by the women vendors twice or thrice a week. Another vegetable seller, Lata admitted that throwing garbage on the road not only make the place untidy and smelly but also contribute to congestion of the road with stray animals and passersby jostling for space.

There have also been instances in which the vehicular tires got punctured when there happened to be broken glass pieces among these garbage heaps, she added, while expressing desire that the Government should provide more dustbins along this road stretch. With the main objective of keeping the Imphal city neat and clean, the Zero Garbage Campaign is currently being launched jointly by Imphal Municipal Council (IMC), MAHUD and PDA in seven Assembly segments covered by Imphal Municipality.

Under this campaign, public are being sensitized on proper disposal of garbage and other waste materials generated not only from market areas but also from residential areas apart from timely collection of the garbage and ensure that the garbage are not strew around.

In connection with the campaign, Administrator of IMC N Geetkumar has stated that around 95 tonne of garbage are being generated every day from market and residential areas of Imphal city. So, without the support and co-operation of each and every individual in the society, it would not be possible for the Government alone to keep the Imphal city neat and clean. Geetkumar has also informed that around 30 dustbins would be installed every soon in different parts of Khwairamband Bazar area for proper management and disposal of garbage.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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