Women Activists Speak Out On Senapati Talks

IMPHAL, May 26: Prominent social activist Prof Rose Mangshi of Kuki Women’s Union Manipur (KWUM) is among several women activists who cautioned both the State and Central government to take all possible measures in ensuring peace in the region.

Sharing her views on the ensuing talks between the United Naga Council (UNC), and Governments of India and Manipur at Senapati district headquarters on the vexed Naga issue, KWUM president Prof Rose Mangshi said the talks focusing on development for the Nagas would be heartily welcomed but the said dialogue posing threat to the emotional and territorial integrity of Manipur would not be tolerated.

Reminding that Manipur is being settled by people belonging to various ethnic communities since ages; she said any attempt to create divisions among the people would be staunchly opposed by the Manipuri mothers.

Echoing similar sentiment, All Manipur Women’s Reformation and Development Samaj president K Taruni Devi said the talks should be held in a transparent manner with emphasis on peace and development of every section of the people.

Noting that for the first time since signing of the ceasefire agreement between the Centre and NSCN (IM), Government of Manipur will be involved in the May 30 talks in Senapati town, she said any decision detrimental to interest of the masses would be considered as an affront on unity and integrity of Manipur.

Expressing that there is hardly any difference between demand of the Naga rebel group and agenda of the UNC, Taruni said people of Manipur had endured enough hardships and several tumultuous events and would prefer peace and overall development as outcome of the scheduled talks.

On the other hand, Macha Leima president T Demona said uniqueness of Manipur is the composition of the society by ethnic communities such as Kuki, Naga, Meitei and Meitei Pangal.

Taking into account such cordial relationships amongst the people inspite of differences in faith or religion, demand from certain section for a separate administration is not justifiable, she opined and alleged administrative incompetency by successive Govt of Manipur for the audacious demand for separation from Manipur. Demona also called upon the people to foil designs of some politicians with vested interest to distort history of Manipur.

Kabui Mothers’ Association president Kakamlunlu Kamei, who also spoke to The Sangai Express, suggested that rather than separation unity among the people is the only means to attain the common goal of peace and progress.

Hoping that outcome of the ensuing Senapati talks would be development of the State, she further asserted that only through unity among people of different communities, peace and development can be guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Tammee Chingmee Apunba Lup president S Momon Leima reminded that distortion of Manipur’s integrity will tantamount to abuse of the Indian Constitution and that it is the responsibility of the Govt of India to ensure that the country continues to thrive in every sphere.

Presidents of All Manipur Women’s Voluntary Association Ch Usharani and Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur L Memchoubi unanimously calling upon the Centre and the State Govts to protect territorial integrity of Manipur said limit of the people’s tolerance should not be tested.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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