Vendors’ Day Held At Imphal

IMPHAL, Jan 20: Like in other parts of the country National Vendors’ Day was observed here in the State today with the event held Thangal Bazar’s Dharmashala co-hosted by Manipur Keithel Phambi Apunba Lup, Roadside Street Vendors Association, Friendship Centre Manipur and Manipur Keithel Nupi Marup.

Noting that street vendors plying their trades at Khwairamband Keithel areas had been enduring various inconveniences, former member of Manipur human Rights Commission RK Rajendra strongly suggested that the State Government provide a proper site for the street vendors.

Speaking as the chief guest, Rajendra also cautioned police and traffic personnel that forcible eviction of street vendors by scattering their goods is a violation of fundamental right of a citizen.

Opining that the temporary market shed site is a suitable place where the plot-less street vendors could be accommodated, he stated that inaction by the State authorities to address plight of the street vendors is likely to become a chronic problem for the Government.

Rajendra also contended that construction works carried out during peak hours in the city area is the main cause for traffic congestion and not the street vendors who was earning livelihood and proposed that night time be utilized for a disturbance-free repairing/construction activities.

In her presidential address, Keithel Phambi Apunba Lup president L Memma highlighted that many women among the street vendors are the sole bread winner of the family.

She desired that rather than chase away these small time traders the Government should work out a viable plan to help them generate income and look after their children.

Memma also reminded that denying the women vendors a proper avenue to substantiate family income might force them into immoral activities which will be disastrous for the entire Manipuri society.

The functional president also called upon authorities concerned to ensure transparency at the time of allotting plots to the street vendors.

Friendship Centre Manipur secretary Kh Kunder and Manipur Nupi Keithel Marup President Y Ibeni also spoke at the occasion.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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