UNLF Poohs-Poohs Pillai’s ‘Talk Mode’ Statement

Constitutional Divide: RK Meghen (L) and GK Pillai. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL,, Mar 2: Practically echoing the same thought of its chairman, RK Meghen, who is under arrest presently, the proscribed UNLF today stated that the utterances of Union Home Ministry of the Government of India, GK Pillai on the sidelines of a cultural meet at Ukhrul that the outfit was in ‘talk mode’ situation recently was just a figment of his imagination without any basis.

In a statement issued today to the press today, the Central Committee of the UNLF said that the very statement of Pillai reflects his ignorance of freedom movements not only across the world, but also India’s own freedom movement.

No force on earth can stop a genuine people’s movement for freedom or sovereignty, except the movements which are based along narrow ethnic lines or launched on immature foundations.

India has blatantly violated resolution 53/144 adopted during the UN General Assembly on December 9, 1998, which sought to protect and promote the rights and freedom of all peoples as well as to protect human rights and grant freedom to the deserving peoples.

Asserting that RK Meghen and the handful of leaders of the outfit, who are now in the custody of India would never compromise on sovereignty, and on the contrary, it has been clearly laid down before the international community that they still stand by the demand of a plebiscite.

However despite this, the Central Committee of the outfit said that cautionary words are needed to neutralize any agenda to confuse the people which India will attempt confuse the people.

Recalling the past, the Central Committee said that the root cause of the Indo-Manipur conflict is the 1949 ‘annexation of Manipur,’ and it is to avenge the great betrayal as well as fulfill the aspirations of the people, that the UNLF launched the armed struggle against India. Till today, the Govt of India has been maintaining a stoic silence over the root cause of the conflict, charged the outfit and added that as long as there is imperialism and expansionism, there will be not let up in freedom movements and conflict like situations.

Mr. Pillai has also exposed the double standard maintained by India, said the outfit and added that on one hand, Delhi has been maintaining that the solution lies in a political dialogue while in reality, they have not stopped using their military prowess to subdue the armed movement, charged the statement. In such a situation as Manipur finds itself today, getting killed or arrested is a natural fall out, observed the outfit and added that India would be living in a fool’s paradise if it comes under the impression that a peace talk can be initiated just because its Chair- man and a handful of other leaders are in their custody.

If India is really sincere about finding a solution to the Indo-Manipur conflict then it should have the conviction to involve the people in any process to work out a solution, said the Central Committee. Plebiscite as mooted by the UNLF is therefore the best option and a democratic country like India should respect this call.  However, despite being the largest democracy in the world, India has steadfastly refusing to adopt the real spirit of a democracy, which is involvement of the people in decision making and which can be assured by holding a plebiscite.

The much touted peace talk floated by Delhi is nothing much more than misleading the rebels and purchasing their loyalty through development package.  Though RK Sanayaima alias Meghen and other top rung leaders of the outfit have fallen into the custody of the enemy, the UNLF will not never retreat nor compromise with their avowed stand for complete sovereignty, asserted the Central Committee.  Cautioning the people to be wary of the policies of the Govt of India, the Central Committee said that seeds of distrust and animosity may be sown between different communities, which will only lead to internecine battles and bloodshed.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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