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UNLF Hails Unification Move Of UGs

IMPHAL, Jul 17: The UNLF Central Committee has welcomed and hailed the recent decision taken by KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF, UPPK and the UNLF at the highest level to wage the liberation movement collectively.

The landmark event at which the top leaders of the seven revolutionary organizations came to an understanding with a common vision and faith at such critical juncture of the revolutionary movement was a clear indication that the movement is treading on the path to victory.

Noting that waging the liberation movement separately by different groups could not build up the necessary strength and unite the mass, the revolutionary groups were working for years to form a joint body.

Revolutionary Joint Committee (RJC) formed in 1992 was the first joint body of revolutionary organizations comprising of KCP, RPF and PREPAK. This was followed by the establishment of Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF) in 1999 by RPF, PREPAK and UNLF.

However, these joint bodies could not bring the different groups together nor could they direct a collective struggle because of which the revolutionary movement could not fully convince the mass.

On account of the failure of revolutionary groups to work collectively, several armed groups sprang up in Manipur in addition to many other similar groups nurtured and sponsored by alien forces.

Lauding the recent initiative of the seven groups including UNLF to form a joint body, the UNLF Central Committee stated that UNLF would work in its best capacity for the proposed joint organization.

The alien forces and their masters can be defeated only when people of both the hills and valley unite and wage the liberation movement collectively after overcoming the alleged divide and rule policy of the Government  of India and its repressive measures.

“The UNLF firmly believes that the only way for survival and victory of all the smaller Nations of Western South East Asia who are fighting against the alien rule of India is to unite together and take on India collectively”, the Central Committee in a press release issued today.

This belief has been strengthened by the recent initiative of the seven organizations to work collectively.

It further pledged that UNLF/MPA would sacrifice everything in the efforts for unity.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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