UNLF Derides Muivah’s Communal Policy

IMPHAL, Apr 21: NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah is still unable to shed his communal politics even after he had tasted defeat on several occasions because of the same exclusive policy, alleged the proscribed UNLF.

On account of his parochial outlook, the Naga groups have split several times in the course of the liberation movement for Naga people who are yet to attain the status of a consolidated Nation.

Many patriotic Nagas have lost their lives in the internecine killings, the UNLF noted in a press release issued by its senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba.

Because of Muivah’s policies and actions which are exclusively Tangkhul-centric, many innocent Tangkhuls have also lost their lives in the hands of other kindred Naga groups.  This is the fruit of acting in the interest of his own community alone, the UNLF asserted.

He was also instrumental in launching an ethnic cleansing pogrom in Manipur during which around 1000 Kukis were slaughtered. The memory of those dreadful days is still fresh in the minds of the Manipuri people.

Although there were ups and downs in the 63 years of Naga liberation movement, the Naga people never forgot that the Government of India was their enemy.

The Naga Army have fought numerous battles with the Indian security forces, and in many cases, security forces burnt down villages, tortured people and raped women, not to mention about the many cases of involuntary disappearances after the victims were picked up by security forces.

All these encounters and suffering would go down in history as a clear case of Naga people’s collective struggle for liberation. All these battles and encounters were an inspiration to other communities of the region.

However, NSCN-IM deliberately   started overlooking all the sacrifices made by Naga people from 1997. Since the day NSCN-IM and Government of India signed a cease fire pact and started ‘peace talks’, the NSCN-IM’s perception of India as the enemy was suddenly reversed.

Leaving out the questions of sovereignty and independence, NSCN-IM befriended India and started a campaign for creation of Nagalim by integrating all Naga inhabited areas within India.

It was a deliberate attempt to create an atmosphere of  animosity with the people of neighboring States of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and then to capitalize on the same situation of distrust.

Such situation of distrust, conflict and clashes among the people of the region is exactly what the Government of India wants. This is very wrong step of Muivah, UNLF asserted.

NSCN-IM’s recent attack against State forces and the subsequent explanation where Meiteis were dragged in only exposed Muivah’s narrow ethno-centric politics.

Such politics is of little concern for even the Naga people who can think rationally and see the real picture of the land have rejected such communal politics.

There are many people among the Tangkhul community who do not accept Muivah’s politics. This is a sign of change towards the right path of nation building.

All the disturbances to the relations between Naga groups and between Naga people and other communities are the results of Muivah’s politics.

It is the Government of India who benefits the most from such politics. Nevertheless, despite constant instigation by Muivah, Nagas of Manipur are living together with other communities of Manipur under a very cordial atmosphere.

This cordiality is one thing which is tormenting Muivah the most.

That was why; he tried to assassinate Phungyar MLA Wungnaoshang by leveling some charges and dragging in the name of Meitei community.

Earlier, NSCN-IM had murdered many innocent Tangkhul people in similar cases posthumous accusation.

In Nagaland too, many Nagas have lost their lives all because of Muivah’s misplaced policy

In words Muivah was talking Naga reconciliation while in action he was master-minding systematic killing of people belonging to other Naga groups leading to mutual distrust among the Naga people on the path to another round bloody internecine killings.

Disappointed with Muivah’s wrong policy guided by communal politics, the Zeliangrongs, Maos, Tangkhuls and Marings have split from NSCN-IM and formed their own groups for development of their own areas. “This is the harbinger of a collective struggle”, the UNLF remarked.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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