UNLF Cautions Collaborators

IMPHAL, Feb 5: The proscribed UNLF has cautioned all the people collaborating with the Indian security forces.

Women’s Income Generation Centre (WIGC) and its secretary Indira Oinam’s invitation of top officials of Assam Rifles to the inaugural function of a ‘˜Craft Bazar’ at Thoubal recently where the AR officers jibed at the people of Manipur by claiming themselves as friends of Manipuri people could not be taken lightly, said the outfit.

A statement issued by the outfit’s senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba, however, appreciated activities of WIGC aimed at promoting crafts of the land.

But the recent collaboration between WIGC, its secretary Indira Oinam and security forces was not only an act of bargaining their own dignity but also an open act of demeaning the self-respect of the womenfolk of Manipur.

This very act was an act of collaborating with the enemy against the ongoing liberation movement. It was a challenge and an act of denigrating the people of people.

Stating that it would be impossible to bring economic well being of the Manipuri nation under the alien rule, the outfit cautioned WIGC and its secretary Indira Oinam that the policy of the alien rule is aimed at making Manipur a captive market.

The UNLF is well aware of the Indian rulers; and their security agencies’ ploy to breed reactionaries against the liberation movement by offering some monetary benefits.

It would be a utopian dream to compensate   for the lives killed by security forces and their bestial acts of outraging modesty of women with such measures as sponsoring education tours of children, distribution of some material benefits or by developing some play grounds.

Reminding about the brutal murder of Thangjam Manorama and the subsequent nude protest in front of Kangla, the outfit cautioned all individuals, and NGOs particularly WIGC and its secretary to be wary of the designs of Indian security forces.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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