UKLF Sheds Light On Homeland Demand

IMPHAL, Feb 25: Asserting that it is not oppose to Kuki State but it should be based on SoO, United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) has explained why it has raised the demand for Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council in the present scenario.

In a statement, information and publicity secretary of the outfit JM Zou pointed out that in August 2008, the Government of Manipur had issued the draft paper of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) to both KNO and UPF. In the said draft paper, it has been stated that the integrity of Manipur should be honored. This means that no new State could be created within the present State of Manipur. To discuss the ground rules of SoO, UPF had invited KNO in the interest of the future of the Kukis. Unfortunately, KNO did not pay any attention and neglected the political future of the Kukis.

Consequently, on August 22, Government of Manipur invited both UPF and KNO to sign the SoO pact at Delhi in the presence of representatives of the Government of India.

On the very day, UPF contacted KNO and extended the invitation for discussion once more. But KNO showed their nature of neglecting the important issues of Kuki yet again. Thus, on that fateful day, KNO has blocked the way for creating a Kuki State by signing the SoO pact. It is because of the ground rules that UPF refuses to sign the SoO pact as it would be a stumbling block to Kuki politics in future. So, UKLF has been compelled to demand Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council for the Kukis in Manipur, JM Zou said, adding that Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council is the only solution to the welfare of the Kuki society in Manipur and it does not affect the Constitution of India.

However, KNO has been spreading false propaganda among the people in general and the Kukis in particular, through the International Kuki Forum, stating that UKLF’s opposition to Kuki State is very unfortunate. The truth is that UKLF has no objection to creation of Kuki State within the State of Manipur, if it is possible in the present situation. But the fact is that it is impossible since KNO has already blocked the way by signing the SoO pact, JM Zou said.

He further alleged that KNO has no vision for the future of the Kukis. So, the claim and the demand for Kuki State that KNO has raised after signing the SoO pact is like the Kuki’s folktale of Benglam and a child’s play.

As for the issue of Kuki State, we should learnt from the experiences of Telengana in Andhra Pradesh where apart from full backing of the people and resignation by their MPs and MLAs from their respective posts, the Governments both at the Centre and the State have not given any signal. In the context of the demand for Bodoland, the people have today agreed to creation of Bodoland Territorial Council as the only solution since Statehood is not an easy task, JM Zou added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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