UKLF Clarifies On Creation Of Kuki State

IMPHAL, Feb 25: The United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) has clarified that it does not oppose creation of a Kuki state, conveyed a press release issued by its information and publicity secretary JM Zou.

Regarding its demand for setting up of the Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council, the UKLF maintained that it was compelled by ratification of SoO pact by the KNO.

On August 22, 2008, the Government of Manipur invited both the UPF and KNO to sign the SoO pact at Delhi.

Even as the UPF invited KNO for consultation on the matter, the KNO did not make any response.

On that very (August 22), the KNO appended its signature on the SoO ground rules which clearly laid down that the integrity of Manipur should be honored.

As such, KNO by signing the SoO pact curtail all chances of forming any Kuki state. The UPF too signed the SoO pact at the insistence of New Delhi.

Under such circumstances, the Kuki (Khulmi) Development Council is the only solution and reasonable for the welfare of Kuki people in Manipur as it does not affect constitution of India nor contradicts SoO pact.

Accusing the KNO of floating wrong propaganda through the International Kuki Forum that UKLF opposes Kuki state, the UKLF countered that it was the KNO which curtailed any chance of forming a Kuki state when it signed the SoO pact.

It went on to say that the KNO has no vision for the future of Kukis.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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