Thoubal Cops Tear Banners, AMUCO Flays

IMPHAL, Apr 23: a group of people in about 45 vehicles, who were proceeding to pay homage to the martyred souls of the Khongjom War, were reportedly prevented for w brief while from moving beyond Thoubal Bridge by a team of police commandos.

Sharing details of the incident at a media briefing held at the Kwakeithel head office of All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization (AMUCO) this afternoon, its president KT Rahman said the group of people in about 45 vehicles moved out from Kwakeithel for Khongjom War Memorial site in the early hours today to pay tribute to the martyred forefathers.

As the vehicle convoy carrying banners inscribed with the words ‘Martyrs’ Memorial Day‘, ‘Khongjom Day’, Martyrs Sacrifice for the Motherland’, etc reached Thou- bal Bridge the commando team with two Sub Inspectors leading them stopped the vehicles and soon started to tear apart the banners, Rahman said while expressing strong resentment that the group of people as citizens of the land were on their way to offer tribute to the martyred souls.

When some among the pilgrims insisted that the commandos explain motive behind their conduct the only utterance from the security personnel was ‘not allowed’, the AMUCO chief maintained.

However, the people were allowed to proceed after the police action, he informed.

Asserting that obeisance to those who laid down their lives during the Khongjom war to protect the then independent Manipur from the invading British forces is the bounden duty of every Manipuris, Rahman expressed strong condemnation against the conduct of the police commandos. Even as he, on behalf of AMUCO deeply regretted inconveniences endured by the pilgrims as a consequence of today’s incident, he demanded an explicit explanation from responsible police officials as to why the vehicles with banners had to be stopped.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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