Tainted Officer Overlaps Seniors

IMPHAL, May 6: Allegation has been leveled against the Government with regard to promotion of an employee, whose service career has not only been tainted due to suspension, but the promotion was effected inspite of three others in the same department being his senior.

An informed source said on May 3 Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Personnel Section) issued an order whereby a Superintendent of Taxation namely Md Islauddin, an MFS officer was allocated additional assignment as Assistant Commissioner in-charge.

It is said that the promotion of Islauddin is in clear violation of standard norms for there are three Superintendents in the same Department who are senior to him.

According to the source, an order of the Government of Manipur circulated on August 30, 2010 with regard to tentative and inter-seseniority list enlisted Md Islauddin at serial No 19.

In the same list of officers, Serial Nos. 2, 3, 15 and 19 concerned RK Kharkishore, Th Mangoljao, Md Siraj Ahmad and Md Islauddin respectively with all four holding the post of Superintendent of Taxation at the said period.

The source also explained that until and unless a fresh order of the Government superseded the previous order on the tentative seniority list should remain unchanged and thus Islauddin’s post elevation tantamount to overlapping his seniors. It also informed that service of the first two seniors were regularized to MFS post in 1987 while Islauddin and his immediate senior (Sl No 15) were regularized to the same post only in 2006.

Another source confided that some years back Islauddin was placed under suspension in connection with a case thereby amounting to ‘blacklisting’ of his service record. It is strongly apprehended that inspite of being a junior Islauddin’s promotion as Assistant Commissioner in-charge might have been at the behest of some influential individual within the Government.

Information has also been received that an MCS officer is currently holding the charge of Assistant Commissioner in the Taxation Department.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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