Students Protest Teachers-Government Standoff

Government school children protesting infront of the Raj Bhavan. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Feb 12: A large number of Government school students tore and cast away books at the gates of Rajbhavan and near the CM‘s official bungalow this afternoon to protest non conduct of regular classes, as a consequence of the on-going stand-off between the agitating teachers and the State Government on the issue of Sixth Central Pay Commission recommendation.

At about 1 pm, the student protesters assembled in front of the Rajbhavan with the intention to hand over a memorandum to the Governor Gurbachan Jagat.

As the security personnel manning Rajbhavan told the students that the Governor is out of station section of the agitated students began to tear up their text books and threw them towards the gate raising slogans at the same time that they do not need books when teachers are not attending class.

After leaving the Raj-Bhavan gate in mess, the students, who launched the protest demonstration under the banner of All Manipur Govt High and Higher Secondary School Students’ Union Coordination Committee headed towards the CM’s residence, located close to the Raj Bhavan.

The group of student that voiced strong resentment at Rajbhavan gate against failure of the State authorities to resolve the protracted stalemate joined another group near the gate of the CM’s bungalow.

As the students’ demand to submit memorandum to the chief Minister was rejected tearing of textbooks and throwing them at the spot ensued.

After a while some security personnel deployed near the CM’s residence herded away the students upto Nupilan Memorial Complex, where five of them were picked out to meet the CM.

However, the five students, after a short conversation with the police team walked back to their colleagues rather than proceed to call on the CM.

The memorandum contained demands for immediate solution of the impasse between the agitating teachers of Government schools and the State authorities, and unconditional release of teachers from jail to facilitate restoration of normal academic atmosphere.

It also pointed out that till date, 142 teachers have been sent to jail while others are not attending to classes in support of the cause subsequently affecting con- duct of normal classes.

The representation also expressed apprehension that the Government school students would not be able to appear in the forthcoming Board and Council examinations due to lack of preparation.

Speaking to newspersons, convener of the students’ body (Committee) Konthoujam Herojit voiced strong resentment that inspite of intimation to authorities concerned about five days back to resolve the issue the stalemate continues consequently denying education to the students.

Asking as to how the Government expects the students to excel without the teachers to guide them, Herojit declared that in case no solution could be worked out between the agitating COTA and the Government of Manipur at the earliest, burning down of school buildings and other intense agitation would follow.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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