Structural Mapping For Oil Search

IMPHAL, May 8: Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) is conducting structural mapping for exploration of petroleum in Churachandpur and Tamenglong districts but surface mapping has been already completed.

Following discovery of two exploration blocks in the two districts which form parts of Assam-Arakan basin by the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the ONGC took up the mapping work.

Meanwhile, the State Government has given permission to use an area of 4000 square kilometers which includes the Tipaimukh Project area, for the exploration work.

The ONGC was given petroleum exploration license in November last year.

Under the Eighth Round of New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP-VIII), the Government signed one production sharing contract at New Delhi on July 19 last year for exploration block AA-ONN-2009/2.

But the other block AA-ONN-2009/1 was being kept   in abeyance pending more scrutiny.

As per the contract signed for the first block, production sharing would be 47 per cent for Jubilant Oil and Gas Private Limited, 17 per cent for Jubilant Offshore Drilling Private Limited and 36 per cent for Jubilant Energy (Kharsang) Private Limited.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs gave its approval for natural oil and gas exploration in one block in Manipur last year.

According to the sedimentary basin map given by the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, petroleum found in the two districts of Manipur can be exploited commercially.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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One Comment

  1. leitemba says:

    this is good… the truth finally is out… all these years we are made to think we do not have any natural mineral resources… this has been the strategy behind Indian Military thinking ever since they took over the North East particularly Manipur… because they occupied Manipur illegally (in contravention of international law) with the support of the then ruling class traitors (read Manipur Pradesh Congress) … it is their strategy of Psychological War :
    1. Make us feel dependent and helpless… telling us that our land as wasteland and unproductive jungle… without any scientific surveys…
    2. Impose AFSPA on the whole of the people (those who are with them or against them) creating fear psychosis so that we and our future generations lose our inner strength (marin, lingjel)… as a nation
    3. Lose our self respect and self confidence in the ability to run our country by ourselves…
    4. Finally force us to accept that we were junglees before we were converted into Hindoos and hence to happily accept that we are the sons and daughters of Arjuna and so we should be in Hindustan
    i have to say it has worked well but will not anymore…