Street Vendors’ Plight Concerns MU

MU students noting down grievances of women vendors at the new Lamphel market complex. Image Credit: Sangai Photo

IMPHAL, May 14:  In the light of alleged difficulties thrust upon the street vendors on account of develop- mental activities taken up by the State Government at public places including Imphal city, steps have been taken up from today for con-ducting a detailed study on possible violation of human rights of the street vendors in the process.

Acting on an instruction of the UGC for conducting an educational research study on the human rights scenario in Manipur, the Centre for Human Rights Duties and Education, Manipur University has taken up the initiative of conducting the study on the issue of street vendors for the first time.

As part of this study, a team of research scholars from the Centre for Human Rights Duties and Education, Manipur University has started looking into the possible human rights violation of the street vendors in the drive of the Government to remove them from Imphal city, for preparation a detailed report in this regard.

The study is to be conducted over a period of three days and around 40 students, both male and female, are participating in it.

The resultant report of the study is to be submitted to the Centre for necessary recommendations and suggestions to the Government and other related authorities on resolving the issue of street vendors.

The study team led by co-ordinator of Centre for Human Rights Duties and Education, Manipur University Dr M Sureshkumar today visited the market complex at Sanakeithel at Lamphel where the Government has arranged new plots for the street vendors and recorded the statements of the street vendors one by one.

The team also studied the existing infrastructure at the new complex.

Later on, the study team visited Khwairamband Bazar to inspect condition of the three newly constructed market sheds.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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