State To Have Own Slaughter House At Long Last!!

IMPHAL, Mar 2: Although the annual consumption of meat in Manipur is over 2659 metric tonne, there is not a single legally approved slaughter house in the State.

To address this problem, Minister of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, N Loken has given the assurance that proper slaughter houses would be set up in Manipur.

Inaugurating a day-long training program for butchers held under the theme of ‘Slaughter house improvement for better quality meat and safer environment’ at the conference hall of Manipur State Veterinary Council today as chief guest, Minister Loken observed that the slaughter houses in other States of India are being maintained properly and meat are sold scientifically. However, in Manipur, everyone has been having their own ways with regard of slaughtering of animals and selling meat in the absence of any slaughter house illegally set up by the Government. Such practices may lead to spread of diseases among butchers, meat sellers and the consumers alike.

So, efforts are being made to set up of a slaughter house in Manipur very soon in consultation with experts of the Department and the Chief Minister, the Minister assured, while observing that though he took over the charge of the Department only recently, still there is around one year period for him to work with the Department.

Director of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services Dr Th Jiban presided over the inaugural function of the training program organized by Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services, Government of Manipur.

In his presidential address, Dr Jiban observed that the main aim of the Department is to ensure better quality meat to the consumers. In order to achieve this aim, there is the need for proper co-ordination between Imphal Municipal Council, meat sellers and the butchers.

As efforts have already been started, by 2011-2012 we would be able to have slaughter houses in Manipur, he said, adding that necessary proposal in this regard have been submitted.

He pointed out that Ministry of Food and Processing Industries has been providing the required fund for setting up slaughter houses. So, when the Ministry demanded to know why there are no slaughter houses in Manipur, the Department has not been able to give any answer.

Dr Jiban further said that no definite site have been identified or finalized for construction of slaughter houses in Manipur. In accordance to relevant laws, the slaughter houses are to be located at a distance of at least 25 kms from airport. If the public extended their support and co-operation in this regard, we would be able to have illegally approved slaughter houses in Manipur soon.

Participating in the inaugural function of the training program as guest of another Health Officer of Imphal Municipal Council Dr K Arunkumar observed that the question of availability of hygienic or better quality meat for human consumption is directly related to the condition of the slaughter houses and the animals to be slaughtered.

He explained that as per The Slaughter House bye-laws-1974 and The Sale Meat bye-laws-1987, before being slaughtered the animals are to be kept at the slaughter house for checking possible diseases and only the license meat-sellers have to get the meat from an illegally approved slaughter house.

According to datas collected in 2004, more than 2559 metric tonne of meat is consumed in Manipur annually. But after this there has been no new datas. But taking into consideration of the fact that the increasing number of people taking up selling meats as means of livelihood, there is the need for setting up slaughter houses in every district, Dr Arunkumar noted.

Senior scientist Sureshkumar was also present at the occasion.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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