State Observes World Asthma Day

IMPHAL, May 3: Pediatric Dr Ratankumar has appealed to all parents to keep children away from dust and dirt in order to avoid asthma.

He was speaking at World Asthma Day observance at Manipur Press Club today.

Dr Ratankumar observed that cases of asthma infection in children between 2 to 12 years have been rising.

On the other hand, there is no medicine which can completely cure asthma. The best way to avoid asthma is to take up all possible precautionary measures, he asserted.

He said that dust, dirt, smoke, vehicle emissions, spray moisture, etc can cause asthma. The most common cause for asthma is dirt and dust scattered inside and outside houses.

Asthma can also be transmitted from parents to children though it is not a communicable disease.

If any child shows symptoms like sneezing followed by increased rate of breathing, coughing, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing etc, the child should be taken to a hospital.

These symptoms may be of pneumonia. But if these symptoms are shown repeatedly, it is a case of asthma.

The World Asthma Day was observed at the initiative of CIPLA.

Dr N Tombi noted that asthma has become a common disease. The best way to avoid asthma is to learn thoroughly about the disease.

Asthma is caused by invasion by foreign particles like dust and dirt into the breathing system, Dr Tombi said.

The increased presence of dust and suspended particles in the atmosphere of Imphal is also a major cause for asthma.

The function was also attended by pediatric Dr Nabachandra.

The World Asthma Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May every year.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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