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State, 3rd To Evaluate Forest Values

Map of Forest area of Manipur. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Feb 22: Manipur has become the third State in the country to evaluate the value of its forest produces in scientific manner. According to a study, the State’s forest area is worth Rs 5049.64 lakhs annually on the average.

The value of the forest produce of Manipur was evaluated after a three year long study by Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Dr S Singsit and his Mizo-ram counterpart NS Bisht.

The report of the study was published in book form by the Ministry of Forest and Environment and it was released recently.

Before Manipur, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have evaluated values of their forest produces.

In an exclusive interview, PCCF Dr Singsit told The Sangai Express that the study report would be used as a source of reference for investment by the Centre and international bodies towards conservation and enhancement of the forest areas of Manipur.

The report would also have applicability and utilities in diverse ways, Dr Singsit said.

On being enquired what motivated him to undertake the three yearlong study, the PCCF said that the need to evaluate the value of the State’s forest produces was the principal driving force.

He said that he had succeeded in documenting valuable records for Manipur which were earlier not available.

Saying that Manipur’s forest land has resources worth Rs 5049.64 lakhs at the rate of Rs 298.90 lakhs per hectare on the average, Dr Singsit said that this value rises to Rs 6,88,622.61 lakhs when carbon stock worth Rs 1,47,494.20 lakhs retained by trees in the total forest area is taken into account.

To a query if the carbon stock has any impact or significance on the global climate change, the PCCF said that the carbon stock being retained by trees per hectare of forest land in Manipur is quite high and this is a healthy sign for environment if viewed from the perspective of Manipur alone.

Quoting a report published by the Forest Survey of India in 2009, Dr Singsit said that the forest area of Manipur has increased by 328 square Kms.

The study report identified that annual rate of rain- fall has been disturbed and has become uneven since 1999. Gradually, the rate of rainfall has been dwindling thereby affecting agricultural activities.

Noting that climatic conditions have undergone drastic changes in the valley districts, the report also made an observation that town areas have become concrete jungles replacing all available greenery.

The report also mentioned about the cultural, aesthetic and spiritual values inherent in forest areas of each district.

It further listed 38 trees/plants whose extracts are used for dying in Manipur since ancient period.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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