Started With A Bang And Ending With A Whimper? Anti-Climax Hangs Uneasily Over MGEL

Former Chief Secretary Jarnail Singh, the man behind MGEL. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Mar 2: Notwithstanding the fact that former Chief Secretary Jarnail Singh was felicitated by the Centre for his pioneering effort to compile the Manipur Government Employees’ List (MGEL), it remains a big question whether this project can ever be completed.

An official of the Education Department, while talking to The Sangai Express, said that there is little hope of finalizing the employees’ list of the department.

Incidentally, Education Department has been noted as the most corrupt and scandalous department in the course of MGEL compilation.

It is not only the Education Department, MGEL for many other departments too remain incomplete due to inability of these departments to correct the systematic failures and lack of sincere efforts on the part of high-ranking officials, the official observed.

Just as Education Department is the most problematic department, its top officials are insincere when it comes to rectifying the flaws and discrepancies.

Noting that education related policies and programs were taken up in Manipur since the days it was a Territorial Council, he said that there were very few schools in the State other than Johnstone School, Tamphasana school etc.

During those days, Manipuri students used to study outside the State starting from class VIII.

During the time of Territorial Council, some private schools were taken over by the Government and around 600 posts of teachers were created.

After this, the Government started recruiting teachers in large groups from time to time.

In addition, a large number of posts were also created under different schemes taken up by Government of India.

By 1992/1993, numerous cases of double appointments and substitute appointments were detected. Besides these cases, a large number of teachers were appointed under different and dubious orders.

For instance, in place of a teacher posted at Tamenglong, another teacher was appointed at Senapati after the demise of the former. Again, many substitute teachers were given regular pay as time went by.

Although all these discrepancies and irregularities are known to top officials of the department, there are many of them who have been working to protect the service of employee’s   service of employees appointed in such faulty manner.

Again many substitute teachers who have been in service for a long period have been conniving with high-ranking officials in include their names in MGEL though they are unfit and do not possess requisite documents. During the first term of the SPF Govt, a verification process for the employees of Education Dept was initiated. A great many employees who were found not possessing requisite documents during the verification process and they are still unable to produce the requisite documents. Under such circumstances, it remains a big question whether the project of MGEL can ever be completed. Some department officials who tried to investigate and expose the irregularities have either been transferred away or clipped their power by their own superior officers, the official disclosed.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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