Sonia’s Gift To Muslim Girls In Comatose

IMPHAL, May 19: The only Muslim Girls’ Hostel, which was inaugurated and dedicated to the people of the State when UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi came to Imphal for a visit on December 12, 2010 has not yet been made operational on account of lack of required infrastructure including provisions for electricity and water supply.

Constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 2.14 crores at Minuthong Hatta, the double-storied building inclusive of the ground floor and having 40 rooms continue to remain locked most of the time even though the academic session for the current year has already started and summer holiday declared.

The question now is why the hostel, which would have solved the problem of accommodation of many Muslim girl students hailing from far flung areas, has been hastily inaugurated if it not to be made functional?

When The Sangai Express conducted a spot inspection, the hostel was found locked.

When the officials concerned were contacted, they maintained there has been some delayed in operation of the hostel as the electrification works is currently underway.

With regard to lack of provision for water supply including potable water, the officials pointed out that letter has already been written to the authorities concerned for supplying the required water.

Efforts are being made to take care of all these requirements so that the hostel could be made functional very soon, they added.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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