Shortage Of Technicians Blights RIMS

IMPHAL, Feb 21: Though RIMS boasts of being one of the largest hospital in the en-tire North East region with necessary infrastructure and specialist doctors, the premier health institute seems to be going in re- verse gear as far as providing quality health care is concerned.

For the last seven years, ECG recording in RIMS is done by technicians hired from outside laboratories.

A highly placed source informed The Sangai Express that it is not infrastructure or lack of specialist doctors but shortage of technicians which has evolved into a serious scourge for RIMS.

Once the office time is over, one would not find any technician/staff who can record ECG in emergency situations in the entire hospital which has 975 beds.

However, technicians hired from outside laboratories are available in such situations. These outside technicians can be found in the X-Ray room of RIMS Casualty Ward, informed the source.

EGC recording charge is Rs 40 when done by RIMS technicians but the rate jumps to Rs 150 when done by outside technicians.

Likewise, patients requiring other forms of laboratory tests are enduring various difficulties due to shortage or complete unavailability of necessary kits and tools.

Talking about outsourcing ECG recording task to outside technicians, RIMS Medical Superintendent Prof Y Mohen clarified that outside technicians were hired not because RIMS did not have the necessary equipment.

Outside laboratories were asked to render their service at RIMS due to shortage of technicians, Prof Mohen conceded.

In the last seven years, no replacement ECG technicians were appointed for those who retired during this period.

Compelled by the situation, three attendants have been promoted as technicians. During office time, one EGC technician is stationed in OPD, one in Casualty Ward while the third is reserved for Surgery and Medicine Wards. But there is no ECG technician during night.

However, one CT Scan machine which was out of order for more than 8 years has been repaired and started functioning since last month. Another source informed that the RIMS and JNIMS are facing added difficulties as they are serving as referral hospitals for district hospitals and dispensaries lacking requisite infrastructure.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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