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Senapati Declaration: UNC’s Fresh Deadline For Next Round Of Talk For Alternative Arrangement, Home Ministry For Tripartite Talks Before June 30

IMPHAL, Jun 20: Following the ultimatum served to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) by the United Naga Council for holding the tripartite talk by June 30, the Ministry has conveyed the matter to the State Government and suggested that the tripartite talk be held before June 30.

A highly placed source informed The Sangai Express that the new development came about after the State Government’s decision to post- pone the scheduled tripartite talk indefinitely and subsequent ultimatum submitted by the UNC to the MHA.

Notably, the State Government decided to put off the tripartite talk in view of the law and order situation prevailing in the State and most importantly, the refusal of the UNC to spell out its agenda for the tripartite talk.

The talk was scheduled to be held on May 30.

On the other hand, the UNC in its ultimatum cautioned that they would withdraw from the tripartite talk for good if the meeting is not arranged by June 30.

The MHA first proposed July 6 for the second round of tripartite talk but the Ministry, after considering the UNC’s ultimatum, urged the State Government to hold the tripartite talk before June 30.

The State Cabinet would be deliberating on the suggestion of the Ministry of Home Affairs tomorrow, informed the source.

Apart from the UNC’s memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister, the UNC has not yet explained what the State Government is seeking to know about its agenda/demand/proposal for the tripartite talk.

The MHA too has no clear information about the UNC’s agenda, conveyed the official source.

As for the State Manipur, it would not budge from its stand to maintain status quo of the territorial integrity of Manipur and also to allow unhindered functioning of the ADCs to their full term, even if any tripartite talk must be held.

However, even if the State Government has been informed formally, the UNC has been demanding that the ADC elections be declared null and void as well as an alternative arrangement for Nagas of Manipur outside the jurisdiction of the Government of Manipur.

On the other hand, the State Government, with a view to bring speedy and equitable development, has invested 34.6 per cent (Rs 812.52 crores) of the total State Plan outlay of 2010-11 in the hill districts.

The total investment from the State Plan outlay in hill districts during the current fiscal year is Rs 1251.90 crores which is around five per cent more than last year’s investment.

As for NLCPR projects, 93.16 per cent (Rs 153.10 crores) of the total sanctioned fund was invested in hill districts during the last fiscal.   Moreover, Rs 110.17 crores sanctioned by NEC and another Rs 157.49 crores from SPA fund were invested in hill districts.

As for the current fiscal year, NLCPR funds as well as possible amount of funds that would be sanctioned by the NEC have not been fixed as yet.

However, Rs 225.87 crores has been set aside from the head of SPA for investment in hill districts.

In addition to Rs 32 crores provided by the 13th Finance Commission, Rs 75 crores have also been invested in hill districts as special package.

As for heads of funds like   Border Area Development Fund (BADF) and Backward Region Grant Fund (BRGF) which are allocated to hill districts alone, Rs 20.93 crores and Rs 26.80 crores were invested in hill districts from the heads of BADF and BRGF respectively during the last financial year.  During the current fiscal, Rs 20 crores and Rs 42.09 crores have been invested in hill districts from the respective heads of BADF and BRGF.

Further during the last financial year, Rs 11.87 crores from IFAD and Rs 11.87 from Tribal Sub-Plan were invested in hill districts. This fiscal year, the amount invested from Tribal Sub-Plan is Rs 10.84 crores. The official report further informed that Rs 970.73 crores were invested in the Naga inhabited districts of Senapati, Ukhrul, Chandel and Tamenglong between 2006 and 2011.  District-wise allocation of this amount was Rs 338.95 crores in Senapati district, Rs 269.95 crores in Ukhrul, Rs 179.51 crores in Chandel and Rs 182.32 crores in Tamenglong district.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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