Seed Sowing Demonstrated

IMPHAL, Feb 16: For the first time in Manipur, demonstration on sowing of seeds and application of fertilizer with the help of Seed cum Fertilizer Drill was successfully conducted under the supervision of Department of Agriculture at Awang Khunou in Imphal West district yesterday.

Under its Farm Mechanization Division, the Department has procured the machine from outside Manipur with the main objective of allowing the sowing of seeds especially maize, pea and other pulses without much labor and expenditure.

After ploughing the field with the help of Rotavetor, the Seed cum Fertilizer was used for sowing the seeds of HQPM-1, a type of maize as demonstration to the farmers to Awang Khunou.

The Seed cum Fertilizer Drill has two main parts. One part is used for the seeds to be sown and the other for the fertilizer to be applied in the field.

Besides, sowing the seed deep inside the soil, the machine spread the fertilizer in between the seeds.

The cost of one Seed cum Fertilizer Drill is said to be Rs 26,000. But the Government of India would be providing a subsidy of Rs 20,000 to the farmers in procuring the machine. The Govt is also giving a subsidy of Rs 15,000 to the farmers in purchasing Rotavetor which costs around Rs 70,000.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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