RPF Traces Genesis, Greets On Meira Paibi Day

IMPHAL, May 26: Tracing the genesis of the Meira Paibis to atrocities committed by security forces in the form of arbitrary detention, murder, forced disappearance, rape etc, the proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has greeted the Meira Paibis of Manipur on Meira Paibi Day.

The outfit also paid due respects to the Meira Paibi Imas who have lost their lives and who have been disabled in confrontation with security forces as well as those struggling against the excesses of security forces.

A press release issued by the outfit’s Publicity Secretary T Leisemba asserted that the bravery of Manipuri women is testified by the two inspirational Nupi Lans.

The outfit called upon the Meira Paibis to stand united and build collective strength.

Only then, the Meira Paibi movement would be successful, it maintained.

It also appealed to the Meira Paibis to be always on guard and not to fell prey to the trap of divide and rule policy laid down by adversary forces who have been always scheming to destroy the collective strength of the Meira Paibis.

The adversary forces have been resorting to all kinds of illusionary tactics to divide the Meira Paibis into different groups taking advantage of the dependent economic situation of the land.

The Government and the security forces have been using different forms of attractive ploys to take the Meira Paibis on their side.

The outfit questioned whether sponsoring pilgrimage trips, excursions, organizing feasts, distribution of sewing machines/lanterns and free medical camps can salvage Manipuri women from their poverty.

Further, the Government and the security forces have been scheming to use some Meira Paibis as their spies/agents.

“How far health, transport and economy of the State have been developed in the last 60 years since Manipur was forcibly merged into the Indian Union? How much the livelihood of the mass has been secured?” the outfit questioned.

On the other hand, the State Government in the name of developing Khwairamband Keithel has forfeited livelihood of thousands of women street vendors who came out to the streets of   Khwairamband leaving aside all indignity and disrespect in search of their livelihood.

Women vendors who protested against such harsh initiative of the Government were detained and imprisoned.

Asking if anyone would wish to become a street vendor, the outfit alleged the prevailing situation is a creation of the puppet Government and their agents.

Meanwhile, Ministers and bureaucrats have been usurping public money and this is glaringly exposed by the multi-storied buildings and huge assets amassed by them.

By holding different kinds of elections in Manipur every five year with a view to consolidate the alien rule, the Government of India has been humiliating the people of Manipur before the international community, the outfit alleged.

These vicious elections have been instrumental in creating divisions and enmity among the women.

On the other hand, women of rural and remote areas have been struggling hard to earn their livelihood and send their children to schools by cultivating crops on hill sides, producing charcoal and selling vegetables throughout all seasons.

Those who got elected in polls never came back to their villages and stayed throughout the year at Imphal where they sent their children to convent schools by swindling public money.

To cover up their misdeeds, they would blame others. Government teachers posted in hill districts have been staying at Imphal while sending their unqualified proxies to the hill districts to teach impoverished students, the outfit observed.

The outfit further called upon the Meira Paibis to wake up and deliver a crushing blow to those elements making a fool of the common mass.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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