RPF Highlights May Day Significance

IMPHAL, Apr 29: The basic essence of May Day is the rights of workers such as putting a ceiling on the working hours per day to eight hours, eight hours of rest and the remaining eight hours for private work. It is a day which constantly inspires workers across the world to fight for their rights.

Fixing certain hours for work, giving commensurate wages and prevention of undue harassment at work places are the principal essence of May Day, asserted the proscribed RPF in a statement issued by its publicity secretary T Leisemba today. Even today, there are movements against violation of their rights by wealthy capitalist class in different parts of the world.

Out of the huge amount of money collected from the people of Manipur, the Government of India has been releasing a small percentage of the amount in the name of development programs whereas the impoverished people are being forced to purchase things from the alleged captive market at exorbitant prices.

Meanwhile, the people of Manipur are being subjugated so as not to enable them develop their own resources, Leisemba alleged.

Whatever resources available in the State are also taken away at nominal prices.

With the people rendered dependent on the goods being sold at the captive market, the daily wage earners and the women vendors are not in a condition to fulfill the basic requirements of their families.

When any unfortunate incident happens to them, these families have to sell their homesteads.

“Should we call this development ?” the outfit asked.

“The attitude of the wealthy non-local businessmen and high ranking bureaucrats towards our women need to be changed”, it asserted.

The Government has been threatening the rights of workers, peasants and fishermen who are dependent on Loktak Lake for their livelihood whereas Ministers and top ranking officials of the Government   have been swindling huge amounts of money sanctioned for Loktak Project and in the name of development of Loktak Lake.

With the false promise of generating power for the people and establishment of industries, the Government exploited the resources of the State, submerging several hectares of paddy fields under water in the process.

“Has the power situation improved or has any industry worth its name set up in the State? All the promises were just deceitful tricks”, the outfit asserted.

Recalling that the great leader Hijam Irabot led a strong movement for welfare of the impoverished peasants and workers against the repressive measures of the authority, RPF called upon the peasants and workers of the State to follow the footsteps of Irabot and fight collectively for their rights against the alleged repressive regime.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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