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PREPAK Greets On Cheiraoba

IMPHAL, Apr 2: On the occasion of the Sajibu Nongma Panba Cheiraoba, the proscribed PREPAK has greeted the people of Manipur as well as the Manipuri people scattered outside Manipur (Kangleipak).

In a Cheiraoba message issued by its publicity in-charge Aheiba Angom, the outfit prayed that the Cheiraoba festival may take away all kinds of woes and difficulties from the people of Manipur who have been suffering under the alien rule, and bring mutual love, peace and prosperity.

Asserting that Kangleipak has its legitimate historical rights, the outfit maintained that India should not be a part of the Indianisation process.

Whereas the Government has been conducting periodical elections just to hoodwink the international community that Kangleipak is not a colony of India, New Delhi has been actively engaging itself in accommodating surplus Indian population in Kangleipak who in turn had taken control of all commercial activities besides working constantly to assimilate the indigenous culture and tradition with the alien culture of mainland India.

Any struggle to restore and promote the fading indigenous culture, tradition and religion can go together with the people’s liberation movement, PREPAK asserted.

Through forces accommodation of surplus Indian population in Kangleipak, the Government of India has turned the land into their captive market in addition to engaging that surplus population as active agents of cultural forced assimilation.

Alleging that the military civic action programs being executed by security forces is a ploy to keep the indigenous people under the alien rule, the outfit cautioned the people that they should remain wary of  such deceiving activities like development play grounds, organization of medical camps and distribution of embroidery/sewing machines and other aids.

Saying that the hill-valley relations got strained since the advent of Hinduism and implementation of the MLR & LR Act 1960, the outfit asserted that a strong revolutionary movement against the Government of India is needed to undo all the wrongs and bring a permanent solution.

This demands a collective struggle of the people. At the same time, revolutionary leaders need to build up a revolutionary movement for freedom by placing a clear vision for future before the mass.

Observing that the present revolutionary movement has made little progress, PREPAK attributed this failure to lack of competent revolutionary leaders and lack of coordination among the revolutionary leaders. The present situation demands an able leader who can draw experts/intellectuals and the general mass to the revolutionary movement. The leaders should have the capability to unite the revolutionary groups as well as the revolutionaries. Though the UN Security Council passed resolutions on three occasions, first in 1948, second in 1951 and the third in 1957, to resolve the Kashmir through plebiscite, the Govt of India has done nothing in this regard. People should keep this in mind and stand united firmly, the outfit exhorted. Saying that the misery of the indigenous people can be overcome when the nation is liberated from the alien rule, the outfit called upon the people of both the hills and people to stand firm on the path of a war for liberation.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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