Power Components Rot At Kangla

Transformers and transmission components kept in the open inside Kangla Fort. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Feb 4: Even as Electricity Department is undertaking a hectic disconnection drive targeting unauthorized consumers as well as consumers with overdue bills, a large number of electric transformers and other transmission components are rusting away at a corner inside Kangla.

A reliable source informed that the electric transformers and transmission components were provided to the State under the composite project of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana for Rural Electricity Infrastructure and Household Electrification for Grid Supply System.

This composite project is aimed at electrification of the entire country by 2012.

The transformers and transmission components which lay exposed to rain and sun at the North-Western corner of Kangla are meant for electrification of remote villages of the hill districts as well as the valley.

A large number of transformers, huge rolls of HT wires, iron poles and other components are getting rusted as if they have neither value nor any utility.

These materials were brought to Kangla about two years back.

Rather than storing these costly materials inside a godown, Electricity Department has been keeping them in the open though a Chowkidar has been appointed to keep watch over these materials.

It seems the authority are least concerned that these materials were bought at the cost of crores of rupees from companies based outside the State for the people of Manipur.

These materials were bought from companies based at Guwahati, Kolkata, Rajasthan and Delhi.

In addition to their astronomical cost, the State incurred huge amounts in bringing them to Manipur.

On the other hand, electric transformers have been politicized only to befool people. In the name of serving the public, Ministers and MLAs would provide transformers to different localities of their respective constituencies in the time of elections in their bid to woo voters.

The same practice is in vogue today though the transformers and transmission materials being stored at Kangla are meant for people living in far off and remote villages of the State. Going by the way the State Government is committing itself to the composite project; it is unlikely that remote villages of the State can be provided electricity within the specific time frame. It is reported that if any village or locality is in need of the electric transformers and other materials being kept at Kangla, their Pradhans or local clubs should first submit written applications to Electricity Department through local MLAs.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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