Poor Health Care Service Continues To Dog Ukhrul

UKHRUL, Mar 14: Amongst the numerous problems that plague the district, the problem of health care is perhaps the most critical as it directly affects the quality of life of the people.

The abysmal lack of doctors (specialists) for decades has made the situation all the worse for the poor from needy, rural areas.

Notwithstanding, the delivery of additional National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), the health services in hill districts, particularly Ukhrul remains very poor.

In an extensive independent survey conducted by this correspondent recently in the district pertaining to delivery of health service, under ‘Right to Health’ and ‘NRHM’ it was discovered that the Government scheme of running health service seldom reach the targeted rural poor and was found in a very poor state.

The guiding principle of NRHM is to seek and provide accessible, affordable and quality health care to the rural population, especially vulnerable sections.

As per standard rules, every 3000 population can have a Primary Health Sub-Centre (PHSC). Nonetheless, even though the projected population of Ukhrul district has crossed the 1, 55,795 mark and hence is entitled to 51 PHSC’s. However so far only 40 PHSC have been sanctioned.

Again only 6 Primary Health Centers (PHC) are functional at present in the entire district.

According to Government Employment List (MGEL) documents in respect of CMO/ Ukhrul (DDO code 121801) submitted at the Treasury office, Ukhrul on January 3 this year, out of 485 numbers of sanctioned posts, only 351 number of post have been covered.

While talking to this correspondent, some doctors, on condition of anonymity, informed that under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the district was deficient in varied fields, saying that there is till now no FHS and community health officer in Community Health Centre (CHC) Kamjong block despite the fact that these posts have already sanctioned and that out of all the 43 sanctioned posts, only 32 employees are maintaining the job.

The sources further informed that under CMO Ukhrul there are no Medical Store Officer, no District Food Inspector, Statistical Assistant; head Clark and driver even though all these vacancies are sanctioned posts

Against the total sanctioned post of 33, only 26 employees are manning the office.

Ukhrul District Hospital (UDH), the lone Government hospital at the district headquarter, was also found lacking many essential and immediate requirements like there was no Medical Superintendent, no Gynecologist, Medicine Doctor, ENT, Matron, Surgeon, shortage of Nurses, Steward, Radiologist.

Out of 8 Medical Officers (MO) sanctioned, only 3 MO’s are taking up the onus while against the overall sanctioned post of 29 staff nurses, only 18 nurses are manning the work load .

In addition, UDH have no Orthopedics, no blood bank, no Medical record and there is acute a shortage of Ward attendants.

The tangible sanctioned post for UDH is found to be 117 posts but only 76 employees are maintaining at the same.

Further survey revealed that under DTC UKhrul there was no MO, while Under PHC- Chingai Block there is also no MO despite two sanctioned posts, no Pharmacies (Allo) and out of 14 sanctioned posts in this sub-division only 10 employees are found maintaining the PHC.

Under PHC- Kasom Block, out of 2 sanctioned posts for MO but till date there is not a single MO at present.

At PHC-Khangkhui Khullen, out of 15 sanctioned posts, only 13 at present, PHC-Lmabui 13 out of 15 post, PHC-Phungyar 11 out of 15, Somdal 1 out of 15, PHSC- Awangkasom 1 post, Leiting 3 out of 4, PHSC- Nambashi 2 out of 3 PHSC- Pushing 2 out of 3, Senakethel 2 out of 3, PHSC- Sahamphung Nil, PHSC- T. Hundung 3 out of 4, PHSC- Tongou 3 out of 4, and RFWC- Chingai 5 out of 8 sanctioned post, RFWC- Kasom Khullen 5

Out of 8, RFWC- Phungyar 5 out of 8, RFWC- Ukhrul 7 out of 8 sanctioned post. According to the CMO/Ukhrul (DDO code 1218001) documents evidence compiled out of the total strength number of post created/sanctioned, that is 985 posts there are only 358 employees manning at present for the whole of the district. Mentioned can be made that, the State Health Society (SHS) under the chairmanship of chief secretary and its governing body on June 1, 2010 have recommended opening up of GNM’s school and the Power Point Presentation (PPP) for emergency Obstetric Care at Ukhrul, SMD in collaboration with CMO and DPM to make the emergency Obstetric care unit under PPP arrangement to be operational within 31/07/2010 but it too is yet to translate into action turn.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express / Addie Chiphang)

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