IMPHAL, Mar 15: Instead of being able to participate in the race for development witnessed all over the world today, people in Manipur are yet to get even their basic rights. So, all the people in Manipur need to take a collective decision and participate in the efforts being made to resolve the conflict between Manipur and India, vice president of UCM Y Nabachandra said during a public meeting at the community hall of Iram Siphai today.

Nabachandra was one of the speakers in the meeting which adopted three resolutions.

In the first resolution, the meeting endorsed plebiscite so that all the people of Manipur can participate in resolving the Manipur-India conflict.

In the second resolution, the meeting demanded that all the cases related to UG groups in Manipur including that of UNLF chairman Sanayaima should be handed over to the Government of Manipur.

In the third resolution, it was decided that the proceeding of today’s public meeting and the resolutions adopted would be forwarded to the United Nations and other International human rights group for supporting in resolving the Manipur-India conflict.

Addressing the meeting organized jointly by Laiphrakpam Samaj Thoudang Nupi Kanglup and Iram Siphai Mamang Leikai Nupi Kanglup, Nabachandra asserted that the basic rights including right to life of the people of Manipur are being deprived for more than 50 years. To ensure these rights, Manipur people themselves have to fight for it. It has been long since that the Manipur of people dare not venture out of their respective houses soon after sunset because the security forces, who are supposed to protect them, have been killing people and leveled any charges at their own sweet will, he alleged, adding that many people have lost their lives in such manner while many others have maimed for life.

Stating that people need to understand out the present conflict between Manipur and India has come about, Nabachandra further asserted that Manipur regained its lost sovereignty from the hands of the British colonialists on August 14, 1947. Subsequently, Manipur State Constitutional Act was enacted and a 58-member Legislative Council was formed for setting up of a self- elected Govt of the people.

However, the then Constitutional head of the Independent Manipur State King Bodhachandra was forced to sign the merger agreement after being kept under house arrest at Shillong on September 21, 1949 and the following day, India declared Manipur as a part of India. Many people have objected to the alleged merger agreement.

To counter any possible public movement, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 was started imposing in the hill districts of Manipur since 1960. At that time, there was no insurgency movement in Manipur. So, the contention of imposing Armed Forces Special Powers Act to encounter insurgency is questionable, Nabachandra said.

The president of All Manipur Tammi-Chingmi Apunba Nupi Lup Soibam Ongbi Momon Leima and president of Iram Siphai Mamang Leikai Nupi Kanglup Sanasam Leibaklei were respectively chief guest and functional president of the meeting which was also attended by general secretary of Laiphrakpam Samaj Thoudang Nupi Kanglup RK Shama Devi as guest of honor.

At the beginning of the meeting, the gathering observed 2 minutes silence to show solidarity with the people of quake hit Japan.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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