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Plebiscite Drive

Public meeting on Manipur-India conflict and people’s participation in resolving the conflict underway at Naharup. Image Credit: Sangai Photo.

IMPHAL, Apr 10: In order to conduct plebiscite as a means of restoring peace in Manipur, an able political leader is needed, stated social activist P Premananda.

In continuation of the series of public meetings organized by different organizations at different places on the topic “Indo-Manipur Conflict and People’s Participation in Resolving the Conflict”, a similar public meeting was held today at Naharup Mayai Leikai.

Speaking at the meeting, Premananda said that many people have been suffering untold misery because of the Indo-Manipur conflict.

The only means to end the people’s suffering and resolve the conflict would be plebiscite, he asserted. Even as one banned group has been openly advocating plebiscite in order to resolve the conflict, it remains a big question whether other insurgent groups would accept the call for plebiscite and its verdict.

“As long as internal differences and conflicts persist, we cannot achieve victory even if plebiscite is conducted”, he observed.

To conduct plebiscite successfully, it demands unity among the people of Manipur.

It would not be correct to confine such awareness cum public meetings in the valley districts alone. The campaign should cover hill districts too so that all the people of Manipur are equally aware of the issue and ensure that there is unity among the people.

Peace can be restored in Manipur only through collective efforts, Premananda asserted.

Joy Nongmaithem while reminding that Manipur was sovereign nation, asserted that Manipuri nation need not beg their sovereignty from anybody.

“Our youngsters were not born insurgents, they were forced by India to don this role in their struggle to regain their sovereignty”, Joy said.

Quite contrary to the situation 60 years back when Manipur was economically self-reliant, the people of Manipur are now living a wretched life like a beggar.

Asserting that the alleged forced merger of Manipur into India was the root cause for the Indo-Manipur conflict, Joy said that it is the responsibility of the people seeks ways and means to resolve the conflict.

He went to claim that plebiscite is the only democratic means to resolve the conflict.

He also called upon the people to focus their movements towards plebiscite rather than diverting to AFSPA and human right issues as all these issues would disappear once a plebiscite is conducted and the people come out victorious.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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