Plebiscite Calls Unabated

IMPHAL, May 11: For resolution of ManipurIndia conflict, revolutionary groups operating in Manipur also need to make their stand clear on the issue, general secretary of United People’s Front (UPF) O Bikramjit has stated.

In continuation of the ongoing campaign for resolving the existing Manipur-India conflict and public participation in the process, a public meeting was held at Khekman community hall today.

Addressing the meeting organized under the aegis of Khekman Lairembi Youth Association, Thoubal, Bikramjit, who was one of the guests of honor, pointed out that in the existing conflict between Manipur and India, it is the public who have suffered beyond their endurance. If the conflict is not resolved at the earliest possible, there is apprehension that the entire Manipuri society would be annihilated in the near future.

Resolution of the conflict by the Government of India or the armed UG groups would not be possible without the participation of the very same people who have suffered on account of the conflict. So, instead of criticizing the public campaign for plebiscite from some organizations, it would have been more appreciable if these organizations come up with some concrete suggestions and provide an opportunity to the people for discussion, Bikramjit added.

Vice president of National Identity Protection Committee (NIPCO) Y Nabachandra, who was another guest of honor of the meeting, asserted that Government of India has imposed Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 in Manipur knowing in advance that the subjugated people of Manipur would one day raise the demand for independence.

The Act has been enacted even before there is any problem of insurgency in the State and it has been imposed later on in the name of counter insurgency. But the truth is that the problem of insurgency has not been lessened to any degree even after prolonged imposition of the Act, Nabachandra further pointed out.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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