Plebiscite Call Grows Louder

IMPHAL, Mar 31: “As no armed conflict in any part of the world have been ever resolved through peace talks, the efforts being made by the Government of India to start peace talks with the UG groups in North East region including Manipur is futile’’, Advocate L Jadumani has stated.

Speaking as a resource person in the discussion session on public participation on resolution of the ongoing armed conflict between Manipur and India at Kangmong Langoljam today, Jadumani asserted that as there is no history of any armed conflict ever being resolved through peace talks in the world, the attempt of the Government of India to resolve the existing armed conflict between Manipur and India through peace talks is futile.

He pointed out that India Government has been engaging the NSCN (IM), which is one of the oldest UG groups in the North East region, in a peace talk for the last many years. But the aspirations of the people are yet to be addressed.

Therefore, the only solution towards resolving the Manipur-India conflict should be the universally accepted plebiscite along with full participation of the people, Jadumani said.

Organized jointly by various social organizations, the discussion session held in the community hall of Kangmong Langoljam Mayai Leikai was attended by social workers Thounaojam Chaoyaima and Yumnam Nabakumar as presidium members.

Leaders of various student bodies, Meira Paibis, etc was also present at the occasion.

At the end of the discussion, the congregation adopted three resolutions.

The first resolution endorsed participation of the people in holding the plebiscite. The second resolution endorses handing over all the cases related to liberation movement in Manipur to the State Govt and in the third resolution, it was decided that the resolutions adopted would be forwarded to United Nations and other International Human right bodies for necessary assistance and co-operation in ensuring resolution of the ongoing Manipur-India armed conflict through plebiscite.

Among others who spoke at the discussion as resource persons, general secretary of UPF O Bikramjit observed it should be bounden duty of the present generation to ensure resolution of the current conflict in the interest of the future generations to come. In case of failure, there is the apprehension of Manipuri society losing its identity as and future.

Bikramjit contended that imposition of various black laws in Manipur by India has given rise to the insurgency movement to counter violation of human rights. In such a situation, the Govt of India could never sideline the issue of right to self determination and every possible effort should be made to force India to agree to the public demand for holding plebiscite to end the ongoing conflict.

General Secretary of NIPCO Sunil Karam, another source person at the discussion, asserted that India wants Manipur to be its part only as a hostile zone. When the people, who have suffered the most in the Manipur-India conflict, joined hands as one in their demand for holding plebiscite to resolve the conflict, the Govt of India would not be able to remain indifferent. So, there is the need for collective effort and slogan, he exhorted.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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