Plebiscite Call

IMPHAL, Apr 22: ‘‘People want peace. They do not want any form of atrocities and violence. So armed conflict should be resolved’’, social activist N Bimol has exhorted.

Speaking as a resource person in a public discussion session ‘ManipurIndia conflict and its resolution through public participation’ organized by Phoijing Awang Apunba Nupi Lup at Phoijing Community hall today, Bimol pointed out that the existing conflict between the armed insurgents who are fighting for self-determination and the security forces who have been deployed to suppress this insurgency movement in Manipur has had a serious impact on the life of the people.

The daily killings of someone’s son/daughter or husband, forced disappearance, bomb explosion at public places, firing and bomb attack at private residence have caused untold suffering to the people. Today, the people are fed up with such kind of violence and want to live in peace through resolution of the existing armed conflict, Bimol said.

On the genesis of the armed conflict, Bimol asserted that since the alleged merger of Manipur with India on October 15, 1949, the Government of India has never regarded the people of Manipur as its citizens and their grievances not taken seriously.

One of the most glaring example of such step-motherly treatment is that so far no industries which could provide sustainable livelihood to the people have been ever set up in Manipur. India continued to look upon Manipur as a buffer zone for stockpiling arms and deployment of Army to fight against external aggression. Repairing the roads and bridges here and there and taking up some projects is not development and this could never be the means for survival of the people.

On the other hand, indigenous products have been taken over by imported machine made products and there has been influx of outsiders. The voice of the people have also been gagged from raising any complaint and this has led to a situation where the people started thinking that they would not be able to survive without being a part of India. All these are the outcomes of more than 60 years of association with India.

Now the people have forgotten that Manipur was once an independent and self sufficient kingdom. If the people continue to live with such mindset, the day would not be far when they would become enslave totally and Manipur lost its identity and character. So, the demand for resolution of the existing armed conflict should be the war cry of the people and any democratic movement in this regard should be supported by all irrespective of difference over caste, creed or religion.

Advocate Angomcha Araba, who was another resource person in the discussion session, also observed that the people of Manipur suffered enough and now is the time to give them a chance to live in peace.

Giving a clarion call to all the pseudo revolutionarists to stop their activities all in the name of liberation movement, Advocate Araba said that armed revolutionarists should understand the pulse of the people. Instead of infighting among themselves, armed revolutionary groups should come together as one in the interest of the same people whom they are claiming to fight for.

The president of Phoijing Awang Youth Club Ningombam Ranjit Singh, senior lecturer of Nambol N Sanoi College Kh Dhajamani, president of Phoijing Awang Apunba Nupi Lup Ningthoujam Ibemhal and councilor of Nambol Municipal Council Bimola Devi were presidium members of the discussion session which adopted three resolutions.

The resolutions endorsed public participation in the resolution of the Manipur-India conflict, holding plebiscite for the purpose and seeking the support of UNO and other International human rights bodies in this regard.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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