PIL Against Power Drive Mooted

IMPHAL, Jan 28: Contending that the rate of power tariff being charged by the State Electricity Department from the consumers is far more higher than those in the neighboring States of Manipur and it is against the right to life guaranteed in the Constitution of India, former AMSU president and advocate H Badankumar has announced that a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) would be filed in the court in this regard.

Addressing a conference at Mahabali Kabui Community hall today, Badankumar asserted that the ongoing drive of the State Electricity Department to disconnect the power line of the defaulting consumers contravenes right to life guaranteed to the people, especially the poorer section of the society, by the Constitution of India.

Moreover, as per the Gazette notification issued by the State Government with regard to Manipur Electricity Supply Regulation, 2002 Amendment, it has been made clear that the power tariff to be levied by the State Electricity Department in Manipur should be same to the rate being levied in other States, he pointed out.

Citing example, he said that while Rs 2.60 is being levied for the first 100 unit, Rs 2.90 for the next 100 unit and Rs 3.20 for above 200 unit in Manipur for the domestic supply with effect from August 3, 2002, it is only Rs 2.35 for the first 100 unit, Rs 2.75 for the next 100 unit and Rs 3.90 for above 200 unit in Meghalaya with effect from October 1, 2008.

In Mizoram, it is Rs 1.45 for I unit (50 KWH), Rs 1.75 for 51-100 KWH, Rs 2.20 for 101-150 KWH and Rs 3.65 for above 200 KWH with effect from July 25, 2005. In Assam, it is Rs 3.00 for 0-120 KWH load below 5 KW per month, Rs 4.05 for 121-240 KWH per month, Rs 4.75 for balance KWH and Rs 4.35 for all consumption of load 5 KW and below 20 KW.

Similarly, in case of commercial supply, Rs 3 per KWH (unit) is being levied for all consumption in Manipur whereas it is only Rs 4 for all unit (1-100 KWH) and Rs 4.75 for all unit (101-200 KWH) in Mizoram; Rs 4.00 for first 100 units, Rs 4.75 for next 100 units and Rs 5.00 for above 200 unit in Meghalaya and Rs 4.75 per KWH for all consumption in Assam, he added.

In connection with the proposal of filing a PIL, Badankumar informed that a similar PIL had been earlier submitted to the court of Judge HN Sharma of Gauhati High Court. But the judge had instructed that the PIL should be through either a registered body or an NGO. So, a PIL would be filed in the court through a registered body or NGO very soon for intervention in the ongoing drive of the Electricity Department.

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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