Peace-The Language At Women’s Meet

NEW DELHI, Jan 20: Women rights activist, scholars from several States of North East India and civil society representatives met for two days in Delhi and deliberated on finding ways to a lasting peace in the region.

Sumshot Khullar an indigenous rights activist from Chandel, Manipur spoke on the collective stand of women in times of conflict as in case of the Naga mothers, the Kuki women or the Meira Paibis.

Women are the key actors in reaching out to conflicting parties; she said and added ‘at the end of the day we have to live together’

Kabita Jamatia another indigenous activist from Tripura said ‘the divide between the haves and the have nots, as the case between the hill and valley in Tripura is one factor for the many unrest’ and stressed on the need for equal development.

Education particularly to the less privileged section has to be prioritized, she asserted.

According to President of Impulse NGO Network Hasina Kharbhih there is no one single approach to peace as conflict is never one dimensional.

Coordinator of Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network said that for peace to sustain one needs to strengthen women survivors of violence, whose numbers are increasing.

Organized by Control Arms Foundation of India, Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network in collaboration with Henrich Boll Foundation, the 4th of its kind the Northeast Women Meet was initiated in 2009 to provide a common platform for women from the region.

Binalakshimi Nepram, the woman behind the initiative said ‘we conduct the meet in the capital Delhi, as policy makers are here’.

The meet recognized the need to come together collectively.  It resolved to take up issues such as sustainable livelihood and militarization.  Women of the North East have been at the forefront of many social issues.

*Reported by Ninglun Hanghal

(Courtesy: The Sangai Express)

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